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Feature book: Demanding His Desert Queen

18 November 2020

Demanding His Desert Queen by Annie West

Subgenre: contemporary
Release date: 1 Oct 2019
Publisher: Mills & Boon
Format: ebook
Length: 224 pages
RRP: $5.99 (ebook)

Desert Prince Karim stepped away from his home throne when an unfortunate truth was revealed, handing the throne to his brother. Turning his gaze to business he excels, but his passion for leadership and the skills embedded within him to lead a country are still strong. The council of a neighbouring country need a new ruler and their sights are set on Karim. He is reluctant until Safiyah—the woman he’s never been able to forget—comes to ask him personally.

Queen Safiyah of Assara has lived in a passionless arranged marriage, doing her duty and ensuring the safety of her young son. When her husband passes, a new sheikh must be found. Her past with Karim is complicated, but having him as the new Sheikh is the best chance she and her son have of staying safe. But Karim’s terms are unexpected—he’ll accept the role, if she agrees to marry him.

These two have a past and clear unresolved feelings that leap off the page. Safiyah is outwardly strong, even when she’s crumbling inside. The lengths she goes to for her young son were beautiful and very relatable. The tension between Karim and Safiyah can sometimes make you want to shake them to talk properly but the conflict is written in such a way that it’s almost impossible for them to do so—brilliant.

The desert setting is wonderfully described and added to the ambiance of the story. It was an absolute delight to read, the characters suited each other perfectly and I couldn’t wait to find out how they resolved their past to fall in love all over again. I love a good marriage of convenience romance, and with the added bonus of second chance love—these were perfect for Karim and Safiyah. The chemistry between these two was explosive and really left the reader on edge, but it was interspersed by interruptions of real life, in particular Safiyah’s son. Karim’s interactions with Safiyah’s son were heart-warming and really added that extra touch to his heroic character.

Another winner by Annie West containing the perfect level of angst, passion, amazing settings and characters you can’t help but fall in love with.

reviewed by Jayne

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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