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Guest blogger: Megan Mayfair

1 November 2020

Love and Fireworks: a love letter to ARRA

It’s hard to believe that it was only March when I caught up with so many ARRA members at the ARRA awards dinner in Sydney and reader events in Sydney and Melbourne.

I flew from Melbourne up to Sydney and spent a wonderful weekend with some of my closest writing friends, and the supportive reading community that is ARRA. It was truly a lovely time catching up with Jayne Kingsley, Stella Quinn and Marianne Bayliss, wandering bookstores together and eating noodles, and celebrating with our fellow authors and members at the ARRA awards dinner.

The idea of a New Year’s Eve themed anthology set on Sydney Harbour was brainstormed and scribbled down on notepads in a champagne bar in the Queen Victoria Building and further refined over the weekend, before we bid farewell. We all spoke about catching up again soon, and headed back to our various locations scattered across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

And then, well, everything changed.

While news stories about coronavirus were starting to take up more space on our news feeds that weekend, it was in the following weeks the impact of COVID-19 became more than simply theoretical.

Workplaces were shut, borders closed and plans cancelled. Like many, my writer friends and I became focused on adjusting to life under COVID-19: rejigging businesses and working from home, stocking up on hand sanitiser, home-schooling children, becoming experts at using Zoom, sewing masks … all while keeping our heads down on other writing projects we were working on.

Fast-forward to August, the idea of the New Year’s Eve anthology we discussed back at the ARRA events was revived, and it thrived. We always felt the concept of a New Year’s Eve anthology set on Sydney Harbour had legs back in March. Yet suddenly the theme took on a whole new light. It’s been a challenging year for so many, and what better way to look forward to 2021 with some stories of love, heart, light and hope?

Thank you ARRA for the support and inspiration. There are locations in this book that we visited the weekend of the ARRA dinner, and the support extended by members of our first anthology, Christmas on Hope Street, very much encouraged us to write a second anthology.

While I’m not sure the next time I will get to see my writing friends and the wonderful ARRA members in person. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Love and Fireworks as a little love letter to ARRA and a way to kick off 2021 with some love and hope.

You can find Megan here: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Love and Fireworks

Love and Fireworks is an anthology of romance stories set at a New Year’s Eve fundraising party hosted by a mystery philanthropist and being held on a mega yacht in Sydney Harbour. This annual party is famous! Tickets cost a thousand bucks a pop, they sell out in seconds, but guess what?

There are secret tickets. Golden secret tickets. And this year, all you have to do to win one is be nominated by a member of the public for being a community hero. Will you receive a golden ticket this year?

Stories from Stella Quinn, Jayne Kingsley, Anna Foxkirk, Marianne Bayliss and Megan Mayfair include a golden ticket winner, a journalist, a singer from the band, a hideaway in a cupboard, and even the shock unveiling of the mysterious philanthropist who makes this party happen.

Love and Fireworks is now available.

  1. 2 November 2020 6:09 am

    Terrific post Megan!

    • Megan Mayfair permalink
      2 November 2020 12:55 pm

      Thanks Sandy. It was really interesting how it came together and took on a new light only a few months later. How much can change in a short time!

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