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Publisher pitch: Pride Publishing, Oct 2020

8 October 2020

October is here, and along with a haunting selection of Halloween love stories, we’ve got a cowboy and a rock star in Cedarwood, and three men faced with the making or breaking of their relationship. Let’s get ready for the spookiest time of the year—and hope that those are shivers of excitement and not fear creeping up your spine.

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Here’s what we have releasing over the next few weeks …

13 October

Cedarwood Cowboy by Megan Slayer (Cedarwood Pride #11). Mick’s high school crush on Evan has simmered for twenty-five years. He’s never gotten over his crush, even as Evan left Cedarwood to become a star. But now Evan is back and the two are thrown together—can these opposites find a common ground?

20 October

The Ghost of You by Elizabeth Coldwell (Some Like it Haunted). Casey is left shattered when his rock star boyfriend is found dead of an apparent overdose, but a year later, things start to get spooky. Is Fisher trying to reach Casey? What happens when the ghost of an old flame is an actual ghost?

Witching Hour by Pelaam (Some Like it Haunted). Strange things happen when Gerald, actor in a travelling troupe, is excluded from the main party’s accommodations. Not only do things not add up with the company accounts, but his new lover Jules isn’t all he seems. Will it all be revealed in the witching hour?

27 October

Hot Stuff by Imari Jade (Some Like it Haunted). A master vampire, an alpha werewolf and a fairy prince—this story is packed with paranormal and seriously spooky. Can the fairy prince prove he’s more than just a prankster?

How to Make the Perfect Man by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead (Some Like it Haunted). Scientist Aubrey needs a date for the Halloween party and sets to work in his lab, but his creation is less than cooperative. Alchemist Tris is having just as much trouble—and on top of his office disasters, has he missed his chance with Aubrey? Was Aubrey’s perfect man right in front of him all along?

3 November

The Beginning by Matthew J Metzger (Starting Over #5). The final instalment of the Starting Over series sees Aled, Chris and Gabriel faced with a choice. Is it the end of the road for their unconventional relationship, or is now the time to start over, from the beginning, somewhere new?

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