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Feature book: Best Friend to Doctor Right

7 October 2020

Best Friend to Doctor Right by Ann McIntosh

Subgenre: medical romance
Release date: 1 Jul 2020
Publisher: Mills & Boon
Format: ebook and print
Length: 256 pages
RRP: $5.99 (ebook) & $16.99 (print duo)

This is a fabulous book with a marvellous hero and heroine, both excellently portrayed. Mina Haraldson is Canadian, with a part-Korean, part-Scandinavian heritage. The picture on the cover is divine. Mina looks absolutely beautiful and just as I pictured her. Kiah (short for Hezekiah) Langdon is from the Caribbean—and isn’t he gorgeously handsome? (When I first saw the cover, I idly thought what beautiful babies they would make together. But I get ahead of myself.)

Kiah and Mina met in Canada as young schoolchildren, and have remained firm, fond friends ever since. They are now both doctors, although Kiah returned some years previously to the Caribbean as a terrible family tragedy drew him home. He has since had a very successful career on his island, while Mina stayed in Canada at a hot-shot hospital, furiously pursuing her successful specialist orthopaedic dreams.

The fondness and friendship between these two is incredibly treasured and special. That bond from childhood is rich and deep and true. They both instinctively know they can trust each other, talk and argue with each other with the frankness of friendship (and remain friends), and rely on each other when the going gets tough. When Mina is dealing with a frightful situation at home alone, and not managing at all well, Kiah suddenly arrives, fresh from his cousin’s wedding in Canada.

He provides her with an instant lifeline, scooping her up and taking her back to his island. Because she trusts him implicitly, she lets him. In truth, if he didn’t, she would be in even more of a massive mess and he would never forgive himself for abandoning her. But he doesn’t force her, instead giving her choices all the way. (Yay, hero points!)

Kiah’s home situation is unusual. I’m not going to spoil it for you by blurting it all out here. Better you read it for yourself, because his chaotic background is part of the reason he clung to Mina and her family when he was a child.

Mina knows all this, so she is also able to support him when his inner psyche—so tightly screwed together for so, so long—begins to have major wobbles. In return, he is able to help her work through the massive issues that led to her downward spiral at home. When Mina is offered options for her future she hadn’t dared consider before, he is right there beside her, offering support and counsel. And, as always, vice versa.

Folks, this pair is a team, a match made in heaven. As a reader you can see that from the first few pages. But the baggage—oh, the trauma they have to work through, my goodness … I got a bit misty-eyed in a few places. Such heartfelt emotion.

I love that honesty is paramount in them working things out. I love that love and acceptance—no matter what—is there. Respect. Honour. Patience. Kindness. Truthfulness. Kiah and Mina are heroic and strong, even when they’re brought down by the terrible things that happen to them. I thought the world of them and cheered for them all the way through the book. They totally deserved it.

Simply said, they are beautiful together. I loved their story, and also loved the fascinating medical background. A wonderful friends-to-lovers romance. Bravo, Ann McIntosh!

reviewed by Malvina

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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