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Publisher pitch: Totally Bound, Oct 2020

1 October 2020

It’s October, and things are getting spooky! We’re excited to share our latest Halloween collection, Some Like it Haunted—four sexy stories filled with things that go bump in the night. But we kick off the month with movie stars and billionaire CEOs, a warrior and a Halloween costume party! No tricks, all treats!

Don’t forget, plenty of our favourite series are now available in box sets—with a new one released each week!

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Here’s what’s coming up in October …

6 October

Type Dirty to Me by Roxanne D Howard. Divorcée Madelyn is ready for a new start, and is testing the waters of a new relationship with an online match. But when a Hollywood actor moves in next door, Madelyn’s love life gets a whole lot more complicated.

Winds of Change by Billi Jean (Sisterhood of Jade #14). Warrior Greer is cursed with never-ending reincarnation, and when she’s reunited with Jacob, who loved her as a princess, emotions run high. Can they find their way together in this new life or are the forces of darkness that surround them too strong?

13 October

Treat or Hex? by Jane Colt. It’s an early Halloween treat … or hex … with this sexy friends-to-lovers novella. A costume party throws up all sorts of confusion when Gabrielle finds herself lusting after her best friend.

The Alexander Proposal by Lori Fayre (Unexpected Mergers #1). Is this marriage a business deal only? Jade and Spencer have spent their whole lives preparing to take over their respective father’s company, but when the only way of achieving their goal is to marry, can they come to an agreement?

20 October

Ink by Ellen Mint (Some Like it Haunted). It’s Layla’s birthday, and Halloween, and she’s not in the mood for trick or treating. When a nearly naked man appears in her living room, insisting he’s an incubus bound to her, she decides to make the most of the birthday gift.

Spiritwalker by Tanith Davenport (Some Like it Haunted). A follow-up to Tanith Davenport’s other Tamar Steele novellas, Spiritwalker sees the medium and paranormal investigator in a troubled relationship and grieving the murder of her friend’s sister. Can Tamar solve the murder and rebuild her relationship at the same time?

27 October

Haunted Hearts by Bronwyn Forest (Some Like it Haunted). Psychologist Ari researches paranormal activity she doesn’t believe in. TV journalist Nick is unwillingly assigned to follow Ari’s latest case. The two sceptics are forced to work together and along the way discover that things are more than what they first seem.

The Fae Effect by P Stormcrow (Some Like it Haunted). Keenan’s passion is debunking legends for her YouTube channel, and she’s certain she can disprove the existence of fairies. But sleeping in a fairy mound on All Hallows’ Eve is certainly tempting fate, and she’s soon tangled in the Faerie realm. Can dominant cop Liam help, or will his own secrets prove too much trouble?

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