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Guest blogger: Jeanie Green

6 September 2020

Throughout my life clairvoyants have told me I was supposed to be a writer. This was my purpose. I didn’t agree, even though reading and writing stories were a passion from a very early age. I had a more active life in mind.

In 1988, when we immigrated from Scotland to a small town near Geelong, we chose to live on a lifestyle acreage. I became a keen dressage rider, taught at the local Pony Club, found a stunning Warmblood stallion, and started a horse stud.

In May 2016 a car accident changed my life. I could no longer work my horses. My daughter took over my horse life—and I started to write. Characters appeared and storylines developed.

I completed Faber’s First Draft, Second Draft, and Children’s, Middle School and Young Adult Writing courses. At the end of the year I was offered a mentorship with award-winning author Toni Jordan. I spent the next six months focusing on my manuscript—The House Sitter. At the end of the mentorship Toni did a deep edit of my work, and I realised I had a lot more to learn.

Online, I found the USA-based Margie Lawson’s Writing Academy.

Margie was a psychologist who analysed the work of New York Times best-sellers. She was visiting Australia to conduct a series of five-day immersions. I was lucky, Margie came to our house. In those intense five days, I found out how to look down an imaginary lens and write the scene in front of me. How to ground the reader. Be concise. Create cadence. Make every scene relatable, convincing, and filled with emotion. Thanks to Margie and her awesome team of authors/teachers—I was taught how to keep the reader engaged.

Twenty-six courses later, I travelled to Sydney to attend my second Margie Lawson immersion. She picked scenes from the manuscript and added the letters NYT—New York Times worthy. It had taken a total of three-and-a-half years; finally, I had a manuscript that was worthy to be printed.

I submitted to publishers—I found my way to two editors’ desks, but no further.

Toni Jordan told me, in Australia, it was easier to become a brain surgeon than it was to become a published author. There is a lot of luck and timing involved, and there are a lot of excellent writers competing to be published.

I returned to my clairvoyant, who said, ‘Go home, keep writing and you will receive a phone call.’

That night a friend sent me a link to a USA-based publisher who did self-help, coaching, and entrepreneurial books. Tongue-in-cheek, I submitted my manuscript and was surprised when a week later, I received a phone call from an AAE Editor who lived in Kentucky. She loved my story.

In December 2019 The House Sitter was published with the USA-based publishers—Authors Academy Elite.

The House Sitter is the first in The Braes series. I am currently writing the second, The Vet’s Wife.

Merging my lost horse life with my new writing life, I based the fictional story of Julie Larkham, her life, her loves, her losses and her overwhelming family, on our property, and my horses, dogs and Highland cows became part of the backdrop. This has given me the photographic opportunity to link my story with my old life and share on social media.

My mare Anastasia is on the front cover of The House Sitter.

If you would like to have a peek into my life, and the fictional life of Julie Larkham, the main character in The House Sitter, please check out: Instagram | Facebook | Website

If you would like a free ecopy of The House Sitter, just email me.

Or to read a review or listen to Jeanie being interviewed by Barbie Robinson of Living Arts Canberra click here.

The House Sitter

Julie Larkham was living a fairy tale existence on an estate in Scotland—until the accident.

Confused and heartbroken Julie returns to her parent’s farm in Australia and avoids her overwhelming, interfering family by housesitting rural properties, where she focusses on her first love—horses. Julie waits for eight months on her partner Mac contacting her, but Julie knows Mac blames her for the accident. And Julie know Mac does not forgive or forget.

When Julie is asked to house sit an equestrian property close to her family, she hesitates, and then she decides it’s time to move on with her life. Julie accepts, her family descend, and the fireworks begin.

Agreeing to train a difficult horse, Julie meets French Eventer and riding coach Tomas Fournier. A relationship develops, until she receives a text from her niece with a ‘Missing Person’ notice attached – the photo on the notice was Julie. The person offering the reward was Mac …


  1. 6 September 2020 10:50 am

    Bought it. Look forward to reading it.

  2. 6 September 2020 10:42 am

    What a fascinating story. Love the clairvoyant element. Honestly, I think publishers here appreciate a writer more if they’re published somewhere else first.

    • Anonymous permalink
      6 September 2020 1:23 pm

      Hi Cathleen,

      Thanks for buying my book when you could have had it for free!!

      I hope you enjoy it. I am currently writing the next in The Braes Series – The Vet’s Wife. Look out for Callum Campbell – the vet who visits Julie. Callum and his city loving wife lease the property next door and the fun/drama continues.

      Have a lovely Sunday.

      Best Wishes,


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