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Feature book: Shadows of Red Earth

2 September 2020

Shadows of Red Earth by Suzanne Cass

Series: Colours of the Earth #3
Subgenre: romantic suspense
Release date: 15 Apr 2019
Publisher: self-published
Format: ebook and print
Length: 266 pages
RRP: $3.99 (ebook); $29.47 (print)

I came into the series not realising there are two books before this one, but it stood on its own merits.

Our heroine, Rose, feels suffocated at home and does not believe that her mother’s claustrophobic love is necessary to protect her from some man who is supposed to be a threat to her. So, she runs away.

She hitches a ride with our hero who is already in trouble and riding a stolen motorcycle but even that doesn’t go quite as cleanly as she’d like. He comes with a tonne of baggage and self-esteem issues that lead them to a bad place, fast. Oh … and Rose has a special gift that doesn’t work with Koen. This keeps things interesting along the way because it is a totally different situation for her to be in. So, she is a bit all at sea … has she trusted the wrong fellow?

He abandons her due to his own issues and Rose, quite rightly, feels pretty mad about that. You just know their paths will cross again … and soon, as things heat up for the fugitives. As there are bikers (of the not-so-nice kind) who are up for a bit of torture and mayhem led by Bull. When the threat her mother had always protected her from turns out to be true, Rose has a bit of an awakening and is lucky she has found Koen even if he doesn’t seem like hero material.

These two young people are taken on a twisty-turning adventure and you wonder will they manage to get away from Bull and get the happily ever after we are waiting for. Rose has a bit of growing up to do first, as does her beau. Enter Koen’s great family who help them find a safe place, loving him despite the screw-up he knows he is and eventually to their HEA, which was satisfying to read and quite a sweet ending.

reviewed by Sharon

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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