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Feature book: A Virgin to Redeem the Billionaire

5 August 2020

A Virgin to Redeem the Billionaire by Dani Collins

Subgenre: contemporary
Release date: 1 Mar 2019
Publisher: Mills & Boon Modern
Format: ebook and print
Length: 256 pages
RRP: $4.99 (ebook); $7.99 (print)

Gisella Drummond has been searching for a separated pair of earrings for many years, intending to reunite them with her much loved grandmother. She can almost feel one earring in her hand as she waits for an estate auction to begin. Then an announcement is made that the entire estate has been purchased putting an end to the auction. Gisella confronts Kaine Michaels, a self-made tech billionaire, who is the purchaser. He refuses to part with anything from the estate and a kiss appears to ignite the sizzling attraction between them.

Kaine is pleased his actions have caught the attention of Gisella, but his final target is one of her cousins, who seems to have disappeared. Kaine has been fooled once by a woman and refuses to succumb to any woman’s charms again. As a result, he is convinced Gisella is trying to use her sexual appeal to achieve her goal. He then proceeds to explain to her he has done his homework on her and her family, one of New York’s most influential families, so if she refuses to help him locate her cousin, there are a number of ways he can cause her and her family pain.

Gisella is stunned when he proposes she act as his latest lover in order to repair his damaged reputation until her cousin can repair it permanently. She accepts, hoping to convince him to sell her the earring eventually. Her confidence is soon shaken when he reveals a family secret his investigators discovered.

Kaine is also the recipient of a shock when their physical attraction explodes, and they make love. He discovers she was a virgin, and this causes him to question everything he thought he knew about her. Then her best friend and cousin calls Gisella for help. Kaine and Gisella come to her aid as their relationship undergoes a complete change. Where do they go from here? What will happen when they find her missing cousin? Will they even find him?

At the beginning of this book the storyline appears to be simple and one that you suspect you may have read before. However, I suggest you keep reading. Soon you will discover the twists and turns which will hook you into the story. The characters are well drawn and will soon have you cheering them on. Another bonus is the fact that you can read the story of Gisella’s cousin as she seeks the other earring too.

reviewed by Tracey

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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