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Publisher pitch: Totally Bound, Jul 2020

2 July 2020

We might not be able to pack our bags and jet off for a week by the pool this summer, so this month let your book be your holiday. Sicily with Stefania Hartley, Tuscany with Elizabeth Coldwell—we’re ready for an Italian romance! Combine the beach with more exclusive activities with P Stormcrow, or ease into the familiarity of a friends-to-lovers romance with Ellen Mint.

Don’t forget, plenty of our favourite series are now available in box sets—with a new one released each week!

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Here’s what’s coming up in July …

7 July

Sun, Stars and Limoncello by Stefania Hartley. The beauty of Sicily draws teachers Sonia and Mark, each sworn to never love again, into a whirlwind of conflicting emotions when they are forced to co-chaperone a student trip rife with emotions and captivating activities and locations.

14 July

The Knots that Hold by P Stormcrow (The Rules of Summer). Journalist Sarah goes undercover at an exclusive beachside BDSM convention, hoping to snag her first feature story at work. She gets more than she bargained for when she meets world-renowned Dom Elijah. But can a relationship grow out of secrets and deceit?

21 July

Tamed in Tuscany by Elizabeth Coldwell (The Rules of Summer). Passed over for a promotion at work, Isabel is instead sent to a retreat to work on creative ideas and collaboration. The last person she expects to run into is her former Dom, who left eight years earlier with no good reason. Is this the second chance they need?

28 July

Rash and Rationality by Ellen Mint (Happily Ever Austen #2). A modern day, gender-swapped Sense and Sensibility. Marty is a true romantic, desperately searching for love. His best friend Brandy is right there, but can either recognise the love in front of them?

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