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Release day: Reticent Hearts

29 June 2020

Today is the official release of Reticent Hearts by Jes Logan (Crescent Hill series, book 2) (ebook, self-published). Here’s the blurb:

She came with her rules. He came with his heart. And the heart plays by no rules.

In the hills of rural Victoria, Tate Johnson dreams of having a family and kids of his own. But he’s been a spectator to life for so long, he is afraid his dream is unattainable.

For grief-stricken Lana Davis, Crescent Hill is the perfect place to hide as she seeks forgiveness for her past mistakes. As atonement, she forges a solitary life and saturates her days with activity, vowing never to get into another relationship.

But Crescent Hill has its own way of bringing people together.

When Tate meets a dejected Lana one night, he senses a connection and a possible future with her. And Lana discovers that it’s impossible to avoid people in a small town, especially if they are as caring and persistent as Tate Johnson.

Dreams of a possible future together are soon shattered when Lana is forced to re-live the pain of her past and Tate must re-evaluate his idea of happiness and an ideal family.

Will Tate and Lana embrace the prospect of happiness, or will they allow past heartaches to dictate their future?

Jes dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

Tate appeared in book 1 of the Crescent Hill series, as a lost soul, unsure where his life was heading. In Reticent Hearts, we get to learn of his insecurities and how they have shaped his choices in life. This is a heart-warming story of finding love at the darkest point in life and it teaches us that everyone is deserving of love and forgiveness, regardless of our past.

You can find out more about this book, including buy links, at Jes’ website.

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