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Feature book: Second Chance with the Single Dad

17 June 2020

Second Chance with the Single Dad by Kandy Shepherd

Subgenre: Contemporary romance
Release date: 1 Feb 2019
Publisher: Mills & Boon Forever Romance
Format: ebook
Length: 164 pages
RRP: $5.99 (ebook)

For starters, this cover is simply gorgeous. I always seem to melt when I see a handsome hero holding a sweet little baby, and this one—oh, my. The way he’s cuddling her in so close, and the hint of a smile on his face … awww!

Once I stopped crushing on the cover and started reading, the book is simply gorgeous too. I inhaled it in one glorious read, then sort of sat around and sighed for a while, so happy. I love that reading romance can give you all the feels.

Georgia Lang is such a wonderful heroine. She’s a schoolteacher on holidays for the summer, with lots of potential nephew and niece minding she could do, because she’s that sort of caring family person. But this time she’s sweetly called Time Out for herself. She has a fabulous book contract for a children’s book she’s also illustrating and needs the time to finish.

Without warning, her old university friend Wil Hudson, ‘a handsome, handsome man’ (this is from the first line, and yes, it’s true), turns up at her front door. This is a bit of a tricky meet. Wil and Georgia were best pals at uni; she was his ‘girl next door pal, his buddy, his good mate’. They’d remained friends as his girlfriends came and went, and her boyfriends came and went. Yes, they could have possibly been more than friends, but they chose to deliberately remain friends. It worked for them both, and they never jeopardized their relationship by becoming more; it was too precious to lose.

Then, suddenly, Wil got married and promptly dropped her out of his life. Was she hurt? Absolutely. Did she miss him? Absolutely. Was there any explanation for this sudden severing of their friendship? Not from her side of things.

To say she’s taken aback when Wil unexpectedly knocks on her front door two years later is the understatement of the year. The shocks keep coming. Wil has a daughter he didn’t know he had, Nina, and he asks for Georgia’s help.

All this happens in the first few pages of the first chapter! What a ripper of an opening. I was all agog. How on earth is Wil going to explain himself? And why would Georgia even care, having had him do the friend dump two years ago?

Ah, but I hadn’t counted on how fabulously nice and fair these two people are, how much they still genuinely care for each other, and how honest they could be while they worked through that awkward first confrontation. It’s not histrionics and tears and ugly drama; there are deep feelings between them and they both try hard to resurrect their friendship.

Of course, there are reasons why Wil dropped out of Georgia’s life, and I don’t want to blurt it all out here. The slow reveal, especially about his disturbingly dark childhood, will wring your heart and make you love him more.

I just loved reading Georgia and Wil’s story. They are truly beautiful people inside and out, despite the horrors of Wil’s past and the troubles from their temporary friend fall-out. As they fall in love with little Nina, they try desperately not to fall in love with each other. But you and I both know, in the hands of the lovely Kandy Shepherd, this is always going to happen.

Kandy, thank you for a truly swoon-worthy, smooshily romantic romance. It was bliss to read, and I will treasure it always.

Reviewed by Malvina

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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