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Publisher pitch: Totally Bound, Jun 2020

1 June 2020

June is packed with exciting new releases from Totally Bound. It’s time to get your hands on the single releases from the Bully for You college romance anthology, sink into a cosy mystery with CC Dragon, or choose something lighter from Larissa Vine or Jayce Carter. It’s time to fan the flames of love.

Don’t forget, plenty of our favourite series are now available in box sets—with a new one released each week!

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Here’s what’s coming up in June …

2 June

The Mint Julep Murder by CC Dragon (Southern Belle Cozy Mysteries #1). The first in a new series, this small Southern town cosy mystery is packed with intrigue. Belle’s homecoming turns sour when she’s accused of murdering the Sheriff—can she clear her name? Or will she be distracted by the handsome new deputy?

The Darkness at Fall’s Creek by KV Rose (Bully for You). Previously released in the Bully for You anthology, this college romance follows Dante—who gets everything he wants—and Aria, the girl who won’t give him a second glance.

9 June

Hot Off the Press by Kori Blue (Bully for You). Previously released in the Bully for You anthology, this college romance is hotter than hot. College reporter Jax is investigating an arsonist, but the fire between her and rich boy Lucas is burning just as fiercely.

A Good Man by Rosanna Leo (Handymen #1). Emily thinks she has her life on track—she’s just inherited an old home, she has a fiancé, and she’s been selected for the Handymen show for her home renovation. But soon her fiancé breaks her heart, and contractor Michael is left to rebuild it.

16 June

Chasing Charlie by Raven McAllan (Bully for You). Previously released in the Bully for You anthology, this college romance is full of competition. Charlie is new to Scotland and in for a culture shock. Jake never does the running, but he can’t stop himself chasing Charlie.

Hard Knox by Amber Malloy (Perfect Stats #2). A sports romance with danger thrown in—a faked marriage to pro-footballer Gavin Knox is the protection Remy needs to escape a killer, but she doesn’t know Gavin is counting on the romance turning real. Can they become a family, or is this a game he can’t win?

23 June

Opposites Attract by Jayce Carter (Ready or Not #2). Tabby likes rules and order—everything in her life is perfectly regimented. When tattoo-covered, motorcycle-riding Gray moves in next door, all that order goes out the window. Are they too different, or do opposites truly attract?

The Comedian and her Caveman by Larissa Vine (Women on Top #3). Comedian Wren takes a job on a cruise ship, hoping to cure her water phobia. Geologist Brett is on the ship as a favour to his father—to take his mother on the cruise in exchange for funding. The two are thrown together, but Brett’s mother has a hidden agenda, and Wren’s job is on the line.

30 June

Forever My Cowboy by Angela Addams. High school sweethearts Colton and Steph are living different lives—he’s a cowboy on his family’s ranch, she’s a Hollywood star, running home as often as she can to meet him in secret. But will Steph’s determination to protect Colton’s privacy backfire?

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