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Guest blogger: Georgia Tingley

17 May 2020

Writing sex scenes

In the mid-seventies I was thirteen and in first-year high school when I read my first romance novels—For the Love of Mike by Mona Cotton-Walker and Seventeenth Summer by Maureen Daly—and I was hooked. I went on to read thousands of romances in almost every sub-genre, but as they say … you always remember your first!

Back then, the most graphic sexual content was when they kissed toward the end of the book or when the hero’s hand strayed toward her breast. And, strangely, I found that satisfying. For a time.

It was also the start of the era of the ‘bodice rippers’ as they were called. Historical romance covers usually featured a luscious heroine with a revealing low-cut gown and long, wildly wind-blown hair. She was almost always confronted by a sexy, well-muscled hunky male with his shirt opened to reveal a hairless chest, and who had a striking resemblance to Fabio. If I glance up from my computer screen to my bookcase, I can see a number that still grace my shelves—guilty pleasure! These books often had more risqué romantic encounters and so the sexual revolution began in romance books. Fast forward to modern times when almost anything goes.

There are readers who devour sex scenes and there are readers who detest them and think them vulgar. That’s why there is such an awesome variety of romances from sweet to erotic—there is something for everyone.

When I decided to write contemporary romance, I wanted sugar, but I also wanted ‘spice’ in my story, wanting my writing to be avant-garde and reflect realistic up-to-date attitudes on sex in the present day. Where to begin?

Purely as research, I began to read sexy romances, from spicy to erotica, and even a few reverse-harem books, and dark, almost brutal romances. There are heaps of informative articles online and in books, on how to write good sex scenes. Again, as part of my research I read those. I also drew on my own experiences (such as they are), which as they say, ‘write what you know’, to make my scenes more believable.

And then I wrote.

I discovered that I didn’t want to write ‘sex scenes’ just for the sake of having gratuitous sex, I wanted to write ‘sexy love scenes’. I wanted … no needed … to have seductive wordplay, emotionally charged banter, playful teasing laughter, beautiful meaningful descriptions, arousing but gentle and loving moments. This wasn’t as easy as I’d imagined it would be, and I struggled with it, having to do numerous edits to get it where I wanted it to be.

Okay, I am far from an expert on this, but I feel that I’m on the right track to writing good, emotional, complex, sexual encounters that DO NOT dilute the love story of my book. Nor do they take over from the romance that is happening in my tale.

Did I get it right? Readers/reviewers seemed to think so. Of course, I’m going to keep working at it, especially as it requires so much research to perfect!!

You can find Georgia here: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

Below is a censored excerpt from my book Having Faith.

Then pulling her legs away from around my body, I lifted her down to stand before me. Her dress slid downward along her body and clung to the flare of her hips. I knelt and gave a light tug on the soft material until it fell in a silky puddle covering her bare feet. My hot gaze crawled up her body, from her slender tan legs to the coffee-coloured lace French knickers with matching brown bow below her bellybutton.

On her left hip, nestled within the hollow of her pelvic bone, sat a small dark-red heart tattoo, no bigger than my thumbnail. Surprised, I looked up at her face. She gazed down at me, a shaky smile trembling on her lips.

“My birthmark …” Her voice trailed away.

I recalled the strawberry discolouration. I saw it many times while swimming at my parent’s house when she was younger, before she became self-conscious and covered it up. It sat just above the line of her panties, now covered by the tattoo.

“I remember.” Leaning forward, I softly pressed my mouth to the red heart. It was the single, most-sexy thing I had ever seen on a woman.

I felt her shiver in excitement. Placing my hands behind her knees, I glided them up the back of her legs in a slow slide. My kiss on her tattoo deepened as my fingers slid inside her panties and my hands cupped the cheeks of her ass, pulling her against me.

I heard her gasp before her fingers twisted into my hair and she held me to her.

Still kneeling, I licked her tattoo, my tongue laving her pelvic bone and running along the top edge of her panties in an erotic path.

“Oh. My. Fucking. God. Adam. What are you doing to me?”

She enunciated each word, her voice catching.

I felt her legs quiver and start to buckle, knuckles white, as her fingers gripped the counter to keep herself upright.

I chuckled. “What? You don’t like it?”

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  1. 17 May 2020 1:13 pm

    This was a great post. Loved your take on writing sex scenes.

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