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A Romantic Rendezvous (Locked Down)

16 May 2020

ARRA have been working on something special for the last little while …

We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting an online romance readers convention, which we are calling A Romantic Rendezvous (Locked Down).

The general idea is to host Zoom sessions with authors in various formats—Feature Author interviews, Fangirling, Collaborations, Ask Me Anything, Topic Panels, Readers, Virtual House Parties and more. Sessions will be recorded (some with a live audience, some without) and then they’ll all go live on the ARRA YouTube channel over our convention weekend (date still to be set, but we’re hoping it will be June or July). We’ll provide more information on each session as we announce them. Join the ARRLD Facebook page to keep up to date.

Our members can get involved too. You will have the chance to submit questions for our guest authors, and for some sessions you can even participate. Make sure you’re signed up for the Members’ Loop. All new announcements will be made there, so that is the best way to ensure you don’t miss out on anything. As everything is taking place online, it means that you can take part from wherever you are. Don’t miss this opportunity!

We are so excited for the opportunity to connect with some of our very favourite authors, particularly those who have not yet had the chance to visit Australia! So far, the following authors have agreed to do one or more sessions:

Adriana Anders
Alexandra Ivy
Alison Stuart
Alissa Callen
Alli Sinclair
Ally Blake
Alyssa Cole
Alyssa J Montgomery
Amanda Bouchet
Amy Andrews
Amy Rose Bennett
Anna Campbell
Anne Gracie
Anne Stuart
Audrey Carlan
Bec McMaster
Bella Andre
Bernadette Rowley
Carla Caruso
Caroline Linden
Cathleen Ross
Cathryn Hein
Cathy Maxwell
Charlotte Nash
Christine Feehan
Dani Collins
Darynda Jones
Elizabeth Boyle
Eloisa James
Fiona McArthur
Helene Young
Ilona Andrews
Jane Porter
Jaye Ford
Jayne Ann Krentz
Jenn J McLeod
Jennie Kew
Jennifer Crusie
Jodi Thomas
Julia Quinn
Kaneana May
Karly Lane
Kelly Hunter
Kennedy Ryan
Keri Arthur
Khloe Wren
Kylie Scott
Laura Boon
Leonie Kelsall
Lori Foster
Lorraine Heath
Maddison Michaels
Maisey Yates
Maria Vale
Marie Force
Maya Linnell
Maya Rodale
Meg Tilly
Nalini Singh
Rachael Johns
Sabrina Jeffries
Samantha Marshall
Sandie Docker
Sarah Mayberry
Sarah Williams
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Suzanne Brockmann
Tricia Stringer
Vanessa Riley

[List current 3 July. We will keep updating it.]

As part of the event we will also be running a Treasure Hunt. Find the hidden codes in sessions and you can enter the draw (but you must find them all). More details coming on this soon.

Stay tuned …

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  1. Tina Clark permalink
    17 May 2020 9:23 am

    Hey Deb

    Fabulous idea. Do we have to apply to be in the interview section at all?

    Bye 4 now Tina


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