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Release day: A Hidden Heir to Redeem Him

1 May 2020

Today is the official release of A Hidden Heir to Redeem Him by Dani Collins (Feuding Billionaire Brothers, book 1) (ebook and paperback, Harlequin Presents). Here’s the blurb:

She kept their child hidden…

Now the secret’s out!

Valentino Casale is outraged to find Kiara kept their daughter a secret from him for two years! Forever branded by his own illegitimacy, the hardened billionaire wants to do things differently…

Kiara could never regret the consequence of her one delicious night with Val. Even if he turned out to be every bit as coldhearted as their night was hot! Yet behind Val’s reputation is another man—revealed only in their passionate moments alone. Could she give that man a second chance?

Dani dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

Val was teased in school for being illegitimate, so he’s determined to live down to the label of ‘bastard.’ He’s justifiably angry over a betrayal by his father in his early years. He tends to take it out on everyone around him. Kiara is a sensitive artist who also had his secret baby (oops!) and made a deal with Val’s father to keep the baby secret. Now Val’s father is dead and he’s looking forward to firmly rejecting the old man’s fortune, but guess what? It was all left to his daughter! He doesn’t want the money, but he wants his child and, much to his frustration, still wants the beautiful painter he’s never forgotten.

You can find out more about this book at Dani’s website or buy it from Amazon.

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