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Publisher pitch: Totally Bound, May 2020

1 May 2020

Already we’ve hurtled into May! Although the months seem to be passing by too fast to hold on to, we have a delicious selection of new romance titles to fill the days with. There’s murder and mystery, sweet and oh-so sexy, and don’t forget, plenty of our favourite series are now available in box sets—with a new one released each week!

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Here’s what’s coming up in May …

5 May

The Man in Room 423 by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead. A thrilling romantic suspense—Lizzie and Ben’s steamy one-night stand quickly turns into more, but there’s a serial killer on the loose and Lizzie and Ben don’t know who they can trust.

12 May

Every Step by CJ Burright (Music, Love and Other Miseries #3). Cop Kat is starting fresh. She’s left her failed marriage and her life in the city to start over in the tiny town of Graywood, determined to go it alone. Can Roman change her mind?

19 May

Tamed by the Alphas by Jayce Carter (The Omega’s Alphas #6). Kara is wild—unlike anything the three Alphas ever expected from their omega. Can they tame her, or will Kara’s need for freedom pull them all under?

Of Coppers and Cracksmen by Katherine McIntyre (The Whitfield Files #2). Steampunk meets crime in this mystery from Katherine McIntyre. Ellie is a criminal, but she refuses to be accused of a crime she didn’t commit—especially when it’s murder! The only man who believes her is Detective Bernard Taylor—but can they find the real killer before it’s too late?

26 May

The Words to Bind by P Stormcrow (The Playground #1). Luna had a Dom once and he turned her off from the scene, but she can’t resist dipping her toe back in. Could Jacob be the one to restore her trust? His contracts are typically for a limited time, so what will happen once they begin exploring for real?

Sweet Days and Roses by Rebecca Fairfax (Rent-a-Perfect-Gentleman #3). It’s a tale of second chances in this Spring-themed love story. Barrister Luc offers his services as a hired escort to be won in a charity auction—he couldn’t be more surprised when the highest bidder turns out to be his wife, the woman who left him days after their whirlwind wedding.

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