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Feature book: The Highlander’s Lost Lady

15 April 2020

The Highlander’s Lost Lady by Anna Campbell

Subgenre: historical romance
Release date: 29 Apr 2019
Publisher: self-published
Format: ebook
Length: 305 pages
RRP: $7.06 (ebook)

Fiona Grant needs to escape her life as it exists, at the moment. Anything for her and her child, including near death in a shipwreck. She washes up on Mactavish land and into Diarmid’s arms.

Diarmid Mactavish is the laird of Invertavey. He is highly suspicious of the woman who has washed up on his shore and who says she can’t remember her name. But then, he is highly suspicious of any woman who lies and cheats like his mother. It is the law of the land that things must be returned to their owner and when Fiona’s husband’s family comes looking for her, he allows her to be taken away. Some guilt later and he removes the said item, Fiona, from the Grant family and heads for the highlands.

Diarmid takes Fiona to his friend Fergus and his wife Marina. It is here that during the discussion between Fergus and Diarmid, they come up with a solution to Fiona’s dilemma. Diarmid and Fiona must marry. What they then realise is that there is an attraction between them. This couple don’t bother to fight their attraction but must also focus on how to have Christina returned to her mother. What Fiona has not realised is that Diarmid is prepared to go to enormous lengths to make her happy.

There isn’t a lot of complexity and twists in this story which is not a bad thing. The story is intense. The characters have an intense relationship which is what we want to read. I like that we got to meet Fergus and Marina again and catch up with where they are at. It was nice that Marina took Fiona under her wing and helped her to understand what it would be like to marry a highlander and be with them forever.

I enjoy Ms Campbell’s highlander books. Each couple is different and memorable in their own way. Diarmid realised his error almost immediately and went to remedy that error. He knew Fiona was his forever woman. And that is how we like our highlanders.

reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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