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Release day: Pivot

31 March 2020

Today is the official release of Pivot by Kat Martin, Alexandra Ivy and Rebecca Zanetti (ebook and paperback, Zebra). Here’s the blurb:

In Pivot, three friends, each survivors of a brutal childhood, grew up together in foster care.

Now as women, they’re fighting for their lives again.

When Meriwether Jones and her young daughter run from trouble in L.A., that trouble follows. By the time Meri reaches Spokane, she’s out of gas, money, and ideas. Her prayers are answered when ex-cop Ian Brodie hires her to help his aging father. But Meri is keeping a dangerous secret—-and Ian is in danger of losing his heart.

Melanie Cassidy finds trouble when she tries to save a young boy from being kidnapped. The last thing she expects is former love-of-her-life, Detective Gray Hawkins, to appear and rescue them both. But her good-Samaritan efforts pull her and Gray into a conspiracy of drug dealers and dirty cops –and forces them to examine the relationship they’d once abandoned.

Michelle Peach is one of Meri’s closet friends. She’s finally content in Portland—-until two rough men break into her home and threaten her life. The last person Michelle wants to see is Evan Boldon, a former Marine turned sheriff. But this time Evan is going to stop the trouble stalking Michelle-—and win her heart for good.

Kat dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

My upcoming release, Pivot, began as a novella that I wrote sometime back to introduce my BOSS Inc. series. Ian Brodie was the owner of the security firm, a tall, good-looking blond man, one of the Brodie cousins. The novella was Against the Heart, a romantic suspense set in a rural area of Spokane, Washington. A year ago, Alicia Condon, my editor at Kensington, came to me with an idea for a collaborative novel that would include novellas by two other authors. Their stories would revolve around Ian Brodie and Meriwether Jones, the hero and heroine of Against the Heart. The idea intrigued me and we decided to go forward. Alexandra Ivy and Rebecca Zanetti, both bestselling authors of romantic suspense, came on board and started writing, taking sub characters from Ian and Meri’s story, telling their own stories, and giving us a glimpse of Ian and Meri’s life going forward. In Pivot, Alexandra and Rebecca started with the premise that the three girls involved in the stories shared brutal childhoods and grew up together in foster care.

You can find out more about this book at Kat’s website or buy it from Amazon.

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