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Guest blogger: Sasha Cottman

22 March 2020

Why would an historical romance author write a series called Regency Rockstars?

That’s a very good question.

I have read and written a lot of Regency period novels over the past few years and was looking for something a little different from the usual. I had been reading a few contemporary books, including rockstar, MC and billionaire romances.

I considered how I could take one of those tropes and translate it into a Regency period series. And so, the Regency Rockstars were born.

This series is different from the other books I have written, as the hero is the main character. I have also set it with all four male characters sharing the one house. It made sense to throw four alpha males into the one location and see how much trouble I could get them all into.

I also approached the women in this series in another way, rather than just have them all sitting at home drinking tea and going out with chaperones. I personally don’t believe that women of the period did live like this, and much historical research supports that theory.

So, the four heroines in this series are everything from a widowed singing teacher, a piano tuner, the sister of one of the heroes who has her own life within the ton, and a daughter of society who is determined not to enter into an arranged marriage. By doing this I was able to allow the female characters more scope on the page and also to challenge the heroes.

I deliberately broke rules. I am not apologising. If you are going to write something fresh you have to colour outside of the lines.

Language, sexual content, and even the way the titled characters address each other by their first names were some of the things I made an effort to change. I also went for humour in a lot of situations, though the third book in the series, Callum, covers a more serious tone. He suffers from PTSD and has alcohol and drug addiction issues to deal with and attempt to overcome.

The series has received a favourable response from readers and reviewers, which is encouraging, and I am planning to give the villain of the first book his own story.

Music was the other big part of this series; the characters form a musical quartet to take on a group of Italian musicians who are stealing all the good/wicked women. Researching the original pianos and music of the time was fascinating. I used to play the violin many years ago and writing about a hero who plays brought back old memories.

My Spotify collection now has a great selection of Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven and Handel, alongside my usual 70s rock, indie punk and musical soundtracks.

I am back writing a new series at the moment, but already have plans for another trope twist in the future.

You can find Sasha here: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Regency Rockstars


The war against Napoleon has been won. For those nobles who fought the battle of Waterloo, the rewards have come freely from the scandalous women of London high society.

Reid Follett, Owen Morrison, Callum Sharp and Kendal Grant have had unfettered access to the charms of every lady who takes their fancy. They have had their pick of any woman they wish to bed.

Until now …

With the war having been over for a year, the luster of being celebrated war heroes is beginning to fade. When a recently arrived group of hot Italian musicians begin to tear up the London social scene, the English lords suddenly find themselves having to fight to keep the sexual favors of the wild women of the ton.

But Reid, Owen, Callum and Kendal are determined to defend their territory and decide to take the Italians on at their own game. The Noble Lords quartet is born.

What follows is everything that makes rockstar romance so great. Outrageous egos, shocking scandals, and of course wicked sex. And somewhere lost in the middle is the music.

The Regency Rockstars series is a new twist on historical romance and rockstar romance. Stories of war-scarred English lords who are bad boy musicians and the women who dare to love them.

  1. Barbara permalink
    22 March 2020 12:07 pm

    I have read the first 2 and they are great …need to get Callum’s story now …Reid is first and the Owen

  2. Claire Louisa permalink
    22 March 2020 10:38 am

    Is there a preferred order to read them in?

  3. Claire Louisa permalink
    22 March 2020 10:35 am

    These sound great, and I love that Sasha is a rule breaker! I’ll look these up.

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