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Feature book: The DILF

12 February 2020

The DILF by Amy Andrews

Subgenre: erotic romantic comedy
Release date: 23 Jan 2019
Publisher: One Handed Reads
Format: ebook
Length: 101 pages
RRP: $4.22 (ebook)

All Owen wants to do is fulfil his crush. He has had a crush on Stefanie since he was 15. And he will, hopefully, get to fulfil his ultimate fantasy. Stefanie.

Stefanie is a nurse and at 35 years old she wants a man to settle down with and have a family. She doesn’t want another doctor as she had a relationship that ultimately broke down as she wasn’t enough for him. But in walks the DILF (Doctors I’d like to F*). Problem is this doctor is her brother’s best friend, and ten years younger.

Owen engages in a game of seduction. The two are dynamite together and the chemistry is undeniable. He pursues Stef, but all of the usual tricks don’t seem to bring her closer. She worries about the age difference, it’s her brother’s friend, she’s curvy, and she’s ten years older than him! Owen’s seduction techniques begin working and Stef agrees to a short-term fling. She then discovers that Owen has had a crush on her since he was fifteen and had seen her in the shower. Her brother walks in on them and it creates a bigger issue than either think.

This story was interesting as our heroine is an older woman and the hero is the younger man and family. In Stef’s mind there are many impediments but with them love does win out.

This is a sexy and sensual romp.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of the book was provided by the author.

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