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Guest blogger: Joanne Austen Brown

9 February 2020

I love writing historical fiction. I love history and the way we lived through the centuries. The Regency period captured my imagination among others from an early age. So anything written in that era or about that era I just love. I am a big fan of Jane Austen. I also adore Stephanie Laurens. Travelling has only increased that interest. What places would you like to travel to? For me it has always been Britain. Particularly Scotland, but also southern England, and Kent in particular.

My first book, Always Louisa, is set in Kent. I had so much fun going around the country side looking for the place where I wanted to set my story. I found it south of Maidstone. So I used that setting and created my own estate. Although the estate is fictional it is set in a real area with real places, and scenery, like the village of Loose. It was so much fun. And I have repeated that fictional setting in a real place in my second book, Rachael Jaunt, (Aberlour in Scotland) which is due out later this year. It will be book 1 in the Come With Me series.

I take lots of photos and sketch out places and mud maps of where things are. I do lots of walking and also write words down that remind me of the place. For example, I have a scene in Louisa where she and the hero are surrounded by roses.

So these are some of the photos I used to inspire me. They are photos I took in the area and I looked at the notes I took when I took the photos. Some have said that I should use some of my own photos and I might just do that. It get a lot of pleasure from them. I hope that I will be releasing my own calendar using my own photos.

This photo is of the River Spey that is in Aberlour where my second book is set. It helps me set scenes. The heroine loves this area in her time and that doesn’t change when she finds herself in the same place in 1822. There is a hint for my next book. I also love to take the photos.

So on 12 February I am delighted that my first book, Always Louisa, will be available on Amazon, Kobo, and other distributors.

I would love to hear from you once you have read the story. Visit my website to find out about my other passion—kitties.

Joanne is a romantic at heart, both in her writing and real life. She is happily married and has two grown-up sons, one married and one happily single. She also has four lovely granddaughters and two beautiful cats, called Arthur and Oscar. You can see Arthur and Oscar on her Facebook page. She is currently working on two series set in the Regency period. Always Louisa is the first book in the Always series. Always Louisa will be released early in 2020. Rachael’s Jaunt is book one in the Come with Me series, which will be released later in 2020. Joanne loves to chat to her friends and author buddies. She is a member of the Romance Writers of Australia, Romance Writer of New Zealand and the Australian Romance Readers of Australia.

You can find Joanne here: Website | Facebook

Always Louisa

Louisa Stapleton has been disgraced and banished from Society. She wants to return to defend herself and seize the life she desires. Her father has obtained the help of the one man she sees as her nemesis. Arriving at the house party, she has her doubts about her success in returning.

Chalanor Farraday, the Viscount Lightford, had a hand in her downfall but he was not a willing participant. To redeem his honour he wants to help her back into the society that rejected her. But she hates him. That is the last thing he wants. Can he convince her to trust him?

Can they overcome the trials that they will face so that Louisa can obtain more than she had hoped for? Neither see the figures lurking in the shadows. They want to prevent her return to society. And they have their reasons for wanting her dead. Will they succeed?

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