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Author spotlight: Susanna Rogers

28 January 2020

For ARR2020 in March we will be featuring more than 90 romance authors across five cities. If you live in (or near) Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Adelaide, come along and meet local authors, as well as our international guests—Darynda Jones and Susan Donovan.

Today we are spotlighting Susanna Rogers. She will be attending ARR2020 in Perth.

How old were you when you first started writing romance?

I don’t want to give the game away too much but I was married with a child by the time I started writing romance. I had always wanted to write novels and I’d never told anyone, not even my wonderful husband, so it was well and truly time to come out of the closet! I was taking six months long service leave on half pay and saw my big chance. I started writing and haven’t stopped since. I decided I was a Sexy Romance gal and targeted Harlequin Mills & Boon. My latest books are rock star romances, which are much more my sort of thing.

Who was the first romance author to catch your interest?

Nora Roberts. I need say no more.

Have you written genres other than romance (or are you thinking about it)?

Yes, I write young adult too because that time of life is so special with so many ‘firsts’, including first love. I’m also a kickboxer with a second-degree black belt, so I bring my passion for self-defence and personal safety to some of my young adult books in the form of kick-butt heroines. I’d love to empower girls around the globe. Hey, I can dream!

Choose one of your books to turn into a movie—who would you cast in the lead roles?

It’d have to be a mini-series based on the Mosh series. Jake Gyllenhaal would have to be one of the heroes and I’d cast Mercy Cornwall as a female lead. She’s just starting out, so no one has heard of her, but she’s like a young Olivia Newton-John.

What is the hardest part of creating a story?

For me, it’s the idea stage. Before I start a page with Chapter One at the top, I need to know who I’m writing about, what drives them, what makes them who they are. I also need a pretty good idea of where the story is going. I find these first stages of writing a little scary but also fun because I can let my imagination run wild.

What is your favourite place to write?

My desk in my office at home. I’m a creature of habit and I like to have my things nearby, including my Bodum travel coffee maker and a stash of homemade shortbreads.

Have any of your characters been inspired by real life?

I have my very own rock star at home! My husband plays guitar, writes songs and has played in bands for years, so he’s been a huge inspiration for the heroes in my Mosh series about a group of guys who come home to cut a new record. I’ll let you in on a secret. My husband isn’t really a rock star. But he is to me!

What was the last romance you read and loved (and why did you love it)?

I loved Juanita Kees’s Whispers at Wongan Creek, because it’s incredibly moving and also a bit gritty, which is right up my alley.

Tell us about your latest release in 100 words or less

I’m super excited about the girl drummer in my latest book, Ground and Pound. Holly Jacobs could never have dreamed of joining a band like The Merchants of Menace … until the dream becomes a possibility. The guys in the band like her drumming but one man stands in her way, one man who doesn’t believe in her and who can’t see what she’s got. Record producer Morgan Masterson couldn’t be doing better. Business is good, he’s moved into a new house, and bands from across the county want to record at his studio. Then Holly moves in next door and he can’t get her out of his hair. Or his heart. And maybe he doesn’t want to.

What else will you be working on in 2020?

I might be moving towards a life of crime this year, but there will always be romance in my stories. I couldn’t live without it.

If you haven’t booked your ticket for ARR2020 yet, you can buy one HERE.


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