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Guest blogger: JM Adele

26 January 2020

You have psychic abilities too

We all do. I know you don’t believe me, but before you judge, read ahead.

Once upon a time, far, far away, in another life (yes, all the clichés) I was a nurse. The hospital I worked in had one ward they wouldn’t use. Why? Because all sorts of weird things had happened in its halls and people got spooked. Patients, staff, and management. But with the demand for beds being on the rise they made the decision to open the ward again. I was on the team of staff who re-opened that ward. Was I concerned? Nah. I don’t think I believed any of the rumours. I was just excited to have a permanent job. It was night duty that changed my mind.

The paranormal activity originated from one room in particular, right at the back of the ward. Previous staff had reported the buzzer going off even though the room had been vacant at the time. Patients had experienced an angry presence, tossing around their belongings. That room was never re opened to patients. It became our staff room.

One night, my colleagues and I gathered at the nurse’s station after finishing our rounds when a roll of paper towel flew down the hallway. We only had six occupants in two rooms on that side of the ward, and each door could be seen from the desk. All of them were sleeping.

At the back of the ward were a set of fire stairs where you could access the floors above and below. Maybe someone was playing a prank? I checked the empty rooms before having a look in the stairwell. Everything was quiet and eerily still. I didn’t look in the staff room. Heck no, I wasn’t going in there.

I dismissed the incident and carried on. The next morning, as I opened the room to prepare to give handover, I discovered that the chairs had been stacked on the table with a couple of hospital gowns draped over them. Surely that would have made a racket in the stillness of night. None of us heard a thing. And I never did find out where the paper towel came from.

Have you ever had anything weird happen to you? You might think of someone and the next minute they ring. Or a song pops in your head and a minute late it’s on the radio. Or you just get this knowing about things. My parents organised a surprise trip to Darwin when I was young. I knew about it a week before they told me. How? The knowledge just popped into my head. I’ve had dreams about events that were about to happen. I’ve had gut feelings that the situation wasn’t quite right. For me it can come as images, words, or a feeling. We all have the ability to pick up on things beyond what our five senses can detect.

And so began the Sensing series. The character Ronnie came into my awareness and I had to write her story. Then came Andrea and Felicity. Altogether, three women with formidable gifts, or curses, depending on how you see it.

Book 2 in this series has just released. All pre-order and release week proceeds will be going toward the bushfire appeal. It’s only 99 cents for a little while longer. If you like books that are out of the ordinary, check out Convincing You and the Sensing series.

Thank you so much to the ARRA team for having me. I hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into my weird world. Well done for reading until the end.

Jen x

Author of smart, sexy characters, JM Adele loves to flit between the dark and light sides of romance. Somewhere along the way an almost constant procession of imaginary characters settled into her thoughts and she picked up a pen to share their stories. She lives in Queensland with her three greatest loves, her children. When she’s not writing or being a mum, you might find her hiking up a mountain, singing in the car when nobody is looking, or curled up with a good book.

You can find Jen here: Website | Facebook | Reader Group | Twitter | BookBub

Convincing You

We were connected in more ways than one—I knew it when we met.

What I didn’t know was how close he would bring me to death.

And that death would be a blessing.

Andrea has always been able to tap into messages from somewhere beyond. When she meets Ben, an unrelenting force draws them together. But it’s going to take some convincing to help Ben realise their potential.

Ben never thought his friend’s little sister would be anything more than a nuisance. He was wrong. She’d always been so much more. And now, their bond could be severed and her pulse silenced forever.

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to mature content*

  1. Anonymous permalink
    26 January 2020 2:57 pm

    I loved this insight into your life.

    • Anonymous permalink
      26 January 2020 2:58 pm

      This comment is from Emma James author. 😉

      • 27 January 2020 9:22 am

        Thanks, Emma! ‘Scuse the abysmal editing. O.o

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