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Feature book: Mr Right Now

22 January 2020

Mr Right Now by Karly Lane

Series: Callahans of Stringybark Creek #2
Subgenre: rural romance
Release date: 6 May 2019
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Format: ebook and print
Length: 239 pages
RRP: $14.25 (ebook); $29.99 (print)

I’m not giving any secrets away when I tell you that Griff did not get the girl in The Wrong Callahan, Book One of this series. He wanted to, for sure, but his golden boy brother Linc won Cash in the end. Griff’s now devastated and, let’s face it, desperately lonely.

Interestingly, Griff’s high school sweetheart (and old neighbour) Olivia Dawson came back for Griff’s sister Hadley’s wedding. She and Hadley were best friends growing up and remain so now.

Olivia broke up with Griff when he left Stringybark Creek after high school to study agriculture, and he’s always thought she wasn’t interested in him anymore. Especially now, when she’s a big shot corporate lawyer in the big city.

Being on the farm just isn’t something that interests her anymore, he thinks, let alone being with a farmer. And yet at Hadley’s wedding Olivia seemed wistful to Griff, and vulnerable, and definitely more friendly than she had been in the recent past.

Suddenly, Olivia’s family’s shot into crisis. Her father is critically injured in a horrifying accident, and Olivia—or Liv, as she’s called—comes home to the farm to help her twin brother Ollie with the harvest.

As it turns out, the country is in Liv’s blood and in her heart. She can do the work, and it’s strangely refreshing to step back into the familiar things she used to do on the farm before she left Stringybark Creek to do lawyering.

Liv and Griff are neighbours again. Both single. Both still attracted to each other, despite the differences and difficulties of their past split.

Griff doesn’t want to get his heart burned again, especially after his recent romantic rejection. He doesn’t want to even consider getting back together with Liv. But she seems different somehow, softer, more open. With her family in crisis, of course Griff steps in to help when he can. That is what neighbours do in the country. Liv and Griff are thrown together far more than they ever expected.

Their hearts, well, their hearts begin to melt…

This is a warm, second-chance-at-love romance, in a wonderful rural setting. There is drama and tears and tension, but there is also love and laughter. A lovely book.

Reviewed by Malvina

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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