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Feature book: Falling for the Secret Princess

15 January 2020

Falling for the Secret Princess by Kandy Shepherd

Subgenre: contemporary romance
Release date: 1 Sep 2019
Publisher: Mills & Boon
Format: ebook and print
Length: 384 pages (duo)
RRP: $4.99 (ebook); $14.99 (print duo)

Princess Natalia of Montovia goes to a friend’s wedding in Sydney completely under the media radar. She’s dyed her hair, introduced by a slightly different name, and everyone thinks she’s English. (Naturally, she can speak several languages perfectly. Oh, to be her!)

She meets millionaire businessman Finn at the wedding, and—somewhat freed by being incognito—falls for him through that enchanted night. It’s kind of like a Cinderella story, only she’s secretly a princess, not Cinders. Finn is flirting with her, obviously deeply attracted, and they share some pretty hot kissing. Oh, the magic of it all, it’s just lovely!

On an impulse moment she invites Finn back to her hotel room, but at the last minute she realises she can’t go through with anything more than … kissing. As a Montovian princess she must remain a virgin for her future (probably arranged) wedding. Shattered by reality and duty crushing in, she draws back, and Finn is the perfect gentleman.

He’s obviously smitten and urges her to meet him the next day for a cruise on his yacht. (Again, oh to be her.) But wait, poor Natalia is flying home in the morning. Not wanting to even begin to try and explain her complications to Finn, she agrees to meet him but then flies home, heartbroken, leaving him no way to contact her.

Fast forward three months, and the still-mourning Natalia is suddenly shocked to come face to face with Finn, who’s come to her country on her brother’s invitation on business. When he recognises her, he’s angry and upset that she stood him up in Sydney. But mainly that she’s a princess and pretty much unavailable to him, because goodness, those sparks they had are still there.

Finn’s anger wears off quickly, because after all he is a hero—and a very nice person. (Oh, to be her …) As Natalia shows him around Montovia—reluctantly at first, but then with genuine enjoyment—their romance rekindles. It’s just lovely.

The issues of the commoner and the Princess are always there. How can they possibly make things work? As a reader you really want Finn and Natalia to feel free to love each other, but the odds are so high against them.

Never fear. The charm of this romance is the working out of how things can work. After all, this couple must be allowed their magic moment. Thanks Kandy, for a sweetly delightful story!

Reviewed by Malvina

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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  1. 15 January 2020 8:36 am

    Malvina, what a lovely review. I loved this one too. Those characters are just delightful!

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