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Publisher pitch: Pride Publishing, Jan 2020

9 January 2020

Happy New Year! We’re thrilled to start 2020 with plenty of fireworks. We won’t make any resolutions, but we do promise steamy romance, alpha males, and a whole lot of Happy Ever After.

We kick off this month continuing much-loved series, and end it introducing our Valentine’s Collection. New year, new books, new love!

You can find more of our titles at, where we’re also releasing box sets of some of our favourite series, so you can binge the whole series in one sitting! (Series of six or more books are split into multiple box sets.) Take a peek at our upcoming releases on the Coming Soon page and sign up to our newsletter—we’d love to see you there!

Here’s what we have releasing over the next few weeks:

Releasing 14 January

Searching for Shelter by Morticia Knight (Sin City Uniforms #6). A newly expanded version of this story sees hopeless romantic Rich meet his dream match in rugged Search and Rescue team member Diego. But their burgeoning relationship is faced with obstacles greater than either could have imagined.

The Captain and the Squire by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead (Captivating Captains #5). Tarquin Bough is a staid village squire, plagued with a next-door neighbour who seems determined to carry on his late grand-uncle’s obnoxious behaviour—except Tarquin has it all wrong, indeed. Saucy dialogue, delicious small-town life, a pig who needs to make a hard choice, and a decidedly different familial collection of oddities (such as Prince Albert’s prince albert!) make for a delicious romantic adventure that’s firmly on the fun side of zany.

Releasing 21 January

Sex Spells by Pelaam (The Devil’s in the Details #1). When Aiden gets a sex spell to help him find love and meets Lyall, his seeming perfect partner, all isn’t what it seems. Paranormal investigator Garen and his husband Luke have to discover the connection to Aiden and rid the world of the demon who is wreaking havoc before it takes them all.

Releasing 28 January

Unlikely Reunion by Lily Michaels (Improbable Bonds #1). Revenge is sweet for Erik, who is returning for a high school reunion as a famous actor. When he sees Kyle, who he’d always crushed on, hot sex ensues now that the jock has come out of the closet. Kyle isn’t up for all of the media attention that being Erik’s special someone will bring, so the two have to navigate their mismatched public lives with their developing and steamy private one.

Teaching the Cowboy by JP Bowie (Hot in the Saddle #2). Attraction sizzles between former rodeo star Jordan and teacher Blake, but first Jordan has to deal with his dark past.

Releasing 4 February

Special Delivery (A Little Bit Cupid Valentine’s Collection) by Ellen Mint. The hilarious story of Jack Dawson, delivering a Valentine’s Basket (the Gettin’ Some, as it’s known in the trade) from the florist where he works to his high school crush, Tan Nguyen, and learning who the real intended recipient of the Valentine’s gift was …

Valentine’s Day Blues (A Little Bit Cupid Valentine’s Collection) by JP Bowie. A really sweet—and very sexy!—story of Bryan Colby, who hates Valentine’s Day, meeting Officer Ben Collins and … coming to like the day that celebrates love. All with JP Bowie’s trademark witty dialogue.

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  1. Claire Louisa permalink
    9 January 2020 3:46 pm

    I like the sound of these, I’ll have to keep my eye out.

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