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Publisher pitch: Totally Bound, Dec 2019

2 December 2019

December is here, and although the end of the year is drawing closer, it’s just the start for five brand-new series. Each week this month we’ll kick off a new series, and as an extra treat, get a taste of the Music, Love and Other Miseries series with a prequel, releasing mid-month.

We’ve had such a fun year with lots of fantastic new books and authors. We hope you’ve found some new favourites too!

You can find more of our titles at, where we’re also releasing box sets of some of our favourite series, so you can binge the whole series in one sitting! (Series of six or more books are split into multiple box sets.) Take a peek at our upcoming releases on the Coming Soon page and sign up to our newsletter—we’d love to see you there!

Here’s what’s coming up in December:

3 December

Salvaging Love by Sara Ohlin (Rescue Me #1). A satisfying and complex story involving veterinarian Ellie, who’s steamrollered by hotshot lawyer—and her new landlord—Jackson. Can Jackson gain Ellie’s trust when she’s still overcoming past trauma? Then there’s the complications of his criminal clients—can Ellie and Jackson find a way to their future?

10 December

Falling for the Tycoon by Aurora Russell (Anywhere and Always #1). Jilted bride Annelise quite literally falls into the lap of handsome stranger Rémy on her Caribbean honeymoon. Their holiday fling turns into something more when they unexpectedly run into each other months later, but accidents happen and suspicions are rife … can their love survive?

17 December

Every Kiss by CJ Burright (Music Love and Other Miseries prequel). When Gia loses the love of her life—and her sparkle—a challenging bet from too-sexy-for-his-own-good lawyer Ian drags her back into the holiday spirit. They both play to win, but one kiss beneath the mistletoe can derail even the best of intentions.

Pride & Pancakes by Ellen Mint (Happily Ever Austen #1). Tenacious reporter Beth Cho is sent to interview ex-teenage heartthrob singer-songwriter Tristan Harty. They’re the definition of opposite, and now they’re snowed in together with no escape from each other! Inspired by the timeless Pride and Prejudice, this is the first in a series of modern-day, Jane Austen–inspired romances.

24 December

So, That Got Weird by Amelia Kingston (So Far, So Good #1). When geeky Elizabeth hires jock Austin to be her sex tutor, she doesn’t expect to fall for him. With witty banter and heart-warming self-discoveries, this campus romance ticks all our boxes.

31 December

Every Minute by CJ Burright (Music, Love and Other Miseries #1). Third-grade teacher Adara buries herself in her job when her musician brother dies, swearing off music and attachments, until she meets violinist Garrett, whose patience breaks through her walls, bit by bit.

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