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Author spotlight: Sarah Williams

2 December 2019

For ARR2020 in March we will be featuring more than 90 romance authors across five cities. If you live in (or near) Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Adelaide, come along and meet local authors, as well as our international guests—Darynda Jones and Susan Donovan.

Today we are spotlighting Sarah Williams. She will be attending ARR2020 in Brisbane and Sydney.

How old were you when you first started writing romance?

I was 18 when I started writing my first romance. It was a wild west cowboy romance and the story has stayed with me. I will write it properly again one of these days.

Who was the first romance author to catch your interest?

American author Janet Dailey. I found her book This Calder Range when I was 14 and it changed my life!

Have you written genres other than romance (or are you thinking about it)?

I started writing a book I thought was just contemporary fiction. Then my friend told me it was romance. I didn’t even know that was a genre!

Choose one of your books to turn into a movie—who would you cast in the lead roles? Liam and Chris Hemsworth are the inspiration behind my first novel The Brothers of Brigadier Station. Those two in akubras and riding horses! Who wouldn’t want to see that?!

What is the hardest part of creating a story?

Sitting down and typing it. There are so many distractions in life!

What is your favourite place to write?

On my verandah with the birds chirping and a steaming cup of coffee.

Have any of your characters been inspired by real-life people?

Absolutely! The little girl Hannah in The Legacies of Brigadier Station is based on my twin daughters who were the same age when I wrote it.

What was the last romance you read and loved (and why did you love it)?

Simple Truths by Michelle Dalton. I loved learning about South Africa and the love story was heart melting.

Tell us about your latest release in 100 words or less

Christmas at Brigadier Station, Brigadier Station #5 is a sexy, later in life romance. When Tom Carmody buys a run-down cattle station in outback Queensland he is shocked to discover that the woman living next door is none other than Harriet McGuire, his high school crush—the woman who mysteriously never returned to boarding school after the summer break.
As Christmas approaches, rain storms finally break the decade long outback drought. But can the floods wash away the ghosts of the past? Or will they cause yet another disaster?

What else will you be working on in 2020?

I’m working on #2 in the Heart of the Hinterland series and hope to have that one out in May 2020.

If you haven’t booked your ticket for ARR2020 yet, you can buy one HERE.



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