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Release day: Gilded Cage

26 November 2019

Today is the official release of Gilded Cage by Camille Taylor (Harbour Bay, book 6) (ebook, self-published). Here’s the blurb:

Injured cop Declan O’Neill had no idea what he was agreeing to when he accepted a job to protect an heiress.

His new charge is young, beautiful, and annoying. A frustrating combination of fire and acquiescence. Not the spoilt woman he’d expected to find. She also lights his whole body on fire. Something he finds hard ignoring.

It will be a true test of his willpower to keep his hands off her for the duration of his stay.

Bethany Bennett has been raised by bodyguards. But none had ever interested her like Declan…

Her father had promised her no more bodyguards. He’s gone back on his word. Her freedom a distant memory.

These next few weeks will be torture…

Declan planned to push Bethany to her limits. What he didn’t count on was her pushing his.

With her life in the balance, Bethany will find sometimes you have to fight for what you want, and she wants Declan…

…And a life beyond the gates of her gilded cage.

Camille dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

The latest in the Harbour Bay series. Declan O’Neill has his mind made up about heiress Bethany long before their disastrous first meeting. Little does he know then he is wrong on all accounts. Bethany Bennett may be safe behind the walls of her estate, but how safe is too safe? When Declan arrives, she comes alive. He challenges her, pushing her to spread her wings. While forces beyond his control seek to do her harm, he doesn’t realise the biggest hurt comes from within—him. A tale of coming into one’s own, filled with romance, action and suspense.

You can find out more about this book at Camille’s website or buy it from Amazon.


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