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Feature book: The Claiming of the Shrew

20 November 2019

The Claiming of the Shrew by Shana Galen

Subgenre: historical romance
Release date: April 2019
Publisher: self-published
Format: ebook and print
Length: 227 pages
RRP: $5.57 (ebook); & $21.42 (print)

In the beginning he married her to save her. Then when he had to save her again, he finds they have saved each other.

Colonel Benedict Draven is surprised to see his wife. She has turned up in his life, just like that. But given the nature of their wedding day, this is not a surprise.

Catarina Neves is looking to escape the marriage her father has arranged. She picks Draven as her choice, and manages to convince him, via gunpoint that he needs to marry her. She then leaves, as they agreed.

Catarina turns up in London asking for an annulment. Draven has to sign the papers. Draven wonders what the sudden annulment is about. He finds that Catarina is under threat from a Spanish businessman, who wants to her to marry to his son and sign over her very successful lace business.

Catarina, and her sister Ines, run to Draven when Juan Carlos attempts to rape her. Draven goes all out to protect the women, and also allow them to continue their lace business in London.

Draven has the assistance of his group of Survivors and they will help him as he is not only the leader of their group, but they also highly respect him. Draven draws out Juan Carlos and the situation is then resolved, and Catarina and Draven get their happy ever after.

I am really loving this series. I was looking forward to Draven’s story and it was all that I expected it to be. There is a short prologue which tells the story of how Draven and Catarina came to be married. And even then, the sparks fly.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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