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Feature book: Burn

6 November 2019

Burn by Keri Arthur

Series: Kingdoms of Earth and Air #3
Subgenre: fantasy romance
Release date: 11 Jun 2019
Publisher: self-published
Format: ebook and print
Length: 382 pages
RRP: $6.96 (ebook); $29.69 (print)

Nara is a drakkon rider, apparently the last one, as she has somehow found herself 200 years in the future. She wakes up a prisoner, chained to Kaiden, also a prisoner, and they have to work together to escape. Old allies now see her as an enemy, and old enemies are now the evil overlords. Worse than that, there don’t appear to be any free drakkons anymore.

Kaiden is not sure he can trust Nara, but initially he has no choice, and then he wants answers about this mysterious woman. While the things she claims seem far-fetched, eventually he starts to believe that what she says is true. He certainly has to believe her connection with the drakkons.

Nara and Kaiden don’t know the meaning of quit, and somehow manage to get through one impossible situation after another. The story is a rollercoaster ride, with just enough building chemistry thrown in to please romance readers, although the romance is mostly off the page.

I loved that it was the heroine, not the hero, who is the one who will save the world. But Nara was definitely put through the wringer. Lucky for her, drakkon riders are tough—they can call fire and they heal faster than normal. And I loved the drakkons: they were blood-thirsty while still seeming child-like. They really stole some of the scenes. Rumour has it there might be a story sometime in the future about the drakkons. Yay!

A couple of niggles: there were times when Nara was unconscious for extended periods of time (I really meant it when I said she was put through the wringer), which meant we didn’t know what everyone else was doing. Unavoidable with first-person POV stories, but a lot obviously happened during those periods and it felt like a shame to miss it. And there were questions about how Nara ended up in the future that weren’t answered, in particular what was trapped behind the ice.

Reviewed by Debbie

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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