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Guest blogger: Mel A Rowe

27 October 2019

Diamonds can truly be found in the dust

Beside a red dusty flood plain, beneath a monstrous blue sky, white galahs squawked overhead as wallabies lazed in the thin shade of the nearby ghost gums. Patches of tall spear grass spread along the dried river bank’s edges, it was the perfect camouflage for the dingo watching stealthily from the shadows.

Women’s laughter echoed as an unspoken sisterhood was shared (as many didn’t speak English).

Women of all cultures, professions, dress, ages, shapes, and fitness levels were out there that day, making up the rules as we went along, while the children happily played on the sidelines.

And we all played together. With one softball. One bat. And a spray-can of white paint we’d used to create our own diamond in the dust.

This was the setting for an outback softball game held in a tiny remote community in the Northern Territory. A world so remote it only had red dirt roads, no traffic lights, no mobile phone signals—so there was no such thing as wi-fi.

But it was a day I’ll never forget.

So how would a world champion softball player, committed to a life of rigid rules and training schedules, cope in a place like this? Toss in a cheeky but charming cattleman into this romantic mix, and this was how Diamond in the Dust became a story that won’t disappoint.

Diamond in the Dust is about family, friends, finding love … and jam!

It’s a story you can truly enjoy as a standalone or as part of the Elsie Creek series.

Don’t you think your bookcase deserves a touch of the Territory too?

Australian bestselling author Mel A Rowe creates escapes for today’s busy women to enjoy from the comfort of home. Delivered with a dash of drama, witty humour and quirky family units, Mel is known for reinventing romantic versions of home, taking her common characters on uncommon journeys that lead from boardrooms to billabongs as they try to find their own happily ever after.

You can find Mel here: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Diamond in the Dust

Is love worth stealing home for?

You’ll find all the feels in this new release of a holidaying sporting heroine who crosses paths with a cheeky but charming cattleman, as they try to work their way out of a jam, in this sweet small town rural romance.

You’re gonna love it!

Available here: Amazon | Other online sellers

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