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Release day: Seduced by the Stranger

4 October 2019

Today is the official release of Seduced by the Stranger by Alyssa J Montgomery (Billionaires & Babies, book 2) (ebook, Escape Publishing). Here’s the blurb:

No matter what is thrown their way, true love will endure…

I can’t do this. I can’t go through with it.

Moments from the altar, dressed in an ugly wedding dress that is the least of her problems, Jenna Sinclair has a moment of clarity. For weeks she’s been living in a fog, trying to piece together her life after the accident that almost killed her. Believing, all the while, that she has no other option but to proceed with a marriage to a man she doesn’t love. Now she finds herself torn between her trust in family and the attraction she feels for a man who’s a complete stranger. But if she doesn’t even know who she really is, how can she know if she can trust the stranger who is claiming her as his?

‘Stop! This wedding is not taking place!’

Max Bennett has only ever loved one woman-Jenna. Time after time her family has ripped them apart but now, when Jenna’s life is in danger and she needs him the most, there’s not a chance in hell he’ll let her go. All he needs to do is reignite the love she once had for him … which means keeping a secret that could destroy her trust.

With danger stalking them, can Jenna and Max find their way back to each other before it’s too late?

Alyssa dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

Imagine emerging from a coma with amnesia and being told you were engaged to be married to a man you felt nothing for. Then, imagine you are so lost and in such a dire circumstance that you feel backed into a corner with no alternative but to proceed with the wedding. This is the dilemma Jenna faces in Seduced by the Stranger, with those ‘closest’ to her pushing her firmly towards the altar. With lies and deception woven tightly around her, Jenna is fraught. There are such important decisions for her to make that I found myself worried for her as her story unfolded. Enter Max. He’s desperate for Jenna to believe they have a future together and gutted she can’t remember their past and the love they’ve shared. Her lack of trust cuts even while he realises that it’s her wariness that may end up keeping her safe from the threat on her life. Max and Jenna are complex characters and I enjoyed getting to know them as their journey unfolded. They’re battered by one hit after another, which makes their enduring love an even sweeter reward. I hope you’ll find that too!

You can find out more about this book at Alyssa’s website or buy it from HarperCollins.

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