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Guest blogger: Laney Kaye

22 September 2019

Happy Spring, everyone! The first heady days of the new season, where it seems as though the warmth is something to welcome, are upon us. I admit, I treasure those days where the weather is warm enough to enjoy, but not yet searingly hot—though I’ve already managed to get sunburned twice, so I guess that doesn’t bode too well for summer!

Traditionally the herald of new beginnings, in rural Australia spring is also a warning; bushfire season is upon us once more. While the lush growth is a joy to see after the grey starkness of winter, it also means hours of back-breaking clearing of underbrush and burning bonfires to reduce the fire load. And, of course, the snakes are already out, looking for both lurve and lunch! The wildflower glades on our farm look idyllic … but the day I took this photo, the farm cat was bitten by the first brown snake of the season. Don’t worry, she survived—again! As cats have more resistance to snake venom than dogs, poor Bear is about to discover that spring means he’s restricted to the lead, rather than gamboling around and sticking his nose in echidna scrapes and wombat burrows.

One of my many furbabies, Bear, is waving farewell to winter and hello to spring

Like spring, many of my books are about new beginnings. A qualified professional counsellor, I love to investigate the motivations and dreams behind our thoughts and actions, and have found that it’s often a desire for reinvention and redemption that drives us.

This theme is explored in my Bent, Not Broken series, stories of the immense strength of women facing almost insurmountable odds, and of the men who will love them—if they are allowed.

Surviving an abusive childhood, the intrinsically flawed and broken heroine of Malicious Desire is determined to reinvent herself. But can anyone completely escape their past?

Malicious Desire

~ Terror and forbidden desire stalk the heart of the Australian Outback ~

A trip to the beach with her elementary school class turns into teacher Kayla Petrovic’s worst nightmare. Abducted. Held for ransom.

For years, Kayla’s believed she’s nothing more than the whore of her alcoholic mother’s taunts, trading her body for a roof, clothes, and money, using men’s hearts to heal her emptiness. But when the kidnappers threaten her students, she’ll sacrifice everything, including the last vestige of her self-respect, to save them.

Hardened army veteran, Captain Nick West, bears his own scars–not all of them visible.

He knows how to handle a world turned to shit. He’ll get in, retrieve the hostages, and get out, doing little damage–except to the kidnappers. They’re fair game. What he doesn’t expect is the kick in the chest–worse than the recoil on a sniper’s rifle–of recognizing there’s something special about the woman he rescues. But, after years of avoiding weakness, he’s sure as hell not interested in her.

Love is a flaw he cannot permit.

Refusing to be labeled a victim, but haunted by PTSD-induced nightmares and ashamed of her illicit desire for Nick, Kayla craves the sweet release of a blade. When a kidnapper tracks her down, hell-bent on revenge, will she find the strength to cast off the demons of her past and save not only herself, but the one man she may be able to love?

I also write about the lighter side of love in contemporary, romantic sci-fi and plain ol’ flirty, dirty, fun romance—check my website for the smorgasbord! If Australian rural romance is your true love, pop over to Facebook and chat with me on my ‘other’ name, Leonie Kelsall, Author (@authorstuff)—I get to make a super-exciting announcement on there in a few days—if I can keep it to myself for that long!

In the meantime, don’t forget the ARRA Author Hour on Facebook this week ~ happy reading!

Laney x

  1. 22 September 2019 11:41 am

    Sounds like a great read. Horrid about the snake.

    • 22 September 2019 12:11 pm

      Thanks, Cathleen! Yes, it’s always AWFUL when the animals get bitten….at last count, I’ve lost two rabbits, a dog, a cat and…a rooster(!) to brown snakes. But living in this much natural beauty has costs, I guess.

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