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Anne Bishop to visit Australia

19 September 2019

photo credit: Blair Boone

Anne Bishop to visit Australia

In November Anne Bishop will be in Australia for two Supnova events. Ahead of Anne’s visit we caught up with her …

What kind of books did you love when you were a child?

Stories about dogs or horses. I loved Walter Farley’s Black Stallion books.

Do you remember the first novel you read?

No, but the novel that introduced me to fantasy and science fiction was The Moon of Three Rings by Andre Norton.

How old were you when you knew that you wanted to be a writer?

Oh, that’s a trick question. I was probably in my teens before I absorbed that ‘writer of stories’ could be a profession, but I was writing stories long before that.

When did you first sit down and start to write? How long after that before you were published?

I was writing stories in grade school, and I had stories published in school newspapers in junior high. I was also published many years later in small press magazines and semi-professional magazines. But my first professional sale was to Ellen Datlow for one of the retold fairy tale anthologies. I believe that was in 1995.

How hard was it to first get published?

The first novel? It took a few years before Daughter of the Blood and the other two books in the Black Jewels trilogy found a home. I learned years later that I was considered a pioneer of the romantic dark fantasy subgenre because of those books.

What authors do you read and/or admire now that you’re an author too?

Louise Penny, Patricia Briggs, Charlaine Harris, and Charles de Lint are at the top of the list.

If you weren’t an author, what career do you think you would have now?

I don’t know. Part of me would have liked to work at a zoo and hang out with the tigers, but being allergic to fur would have been a problem.

Other than books, what is one item you can’t resist buying?

Pens. Autumn still creates a yearning for school supplies and the urge to buy a set of pens in various colours.

Which do you consider the most romantic of your books?

The Black Jewels series. Also, Sebastian, the first book in the Ephemera series.

Will there be a new The Others story next year?

Not next year.

You are returning to your Black Jewels series for The Queen’s Bargain (Mar 2020). How challenging is that after such a long break? What can we expect in this book?

The biggest challenge was reabsorbing all the details that weave through the previous nine books since the story picks up after the events in Twilight’s Dawn.

What can you expect? Think of Lucivar Yaslana dealing with an adolescent girl in the throes of first love. ::pause:: I had sooooo much fun. And there are Scelties.

What are you most looking forward to doing while you are in Australia? Will you have the chance to explore?

Meeting the fans who come to Supanova. I haven’t been to Adelaide or Brisbane before, so I’m hoping there will be a chance to see a few of the sights while I’m there.

– –

Anne will be appearing at two Supanova events—Adelaide (1-3 Nov) and Brisbane (8-10 Nov). She won’t be doing any other events while in Australia (we asked!), so be sure to catch her in Adelaide or Brisbane if you can. Details and tickets here.

Anne Bishop lives with unicorns, dragons, and two shy parakeets. She is a New York Times bestselling author and the winner of multiple awards for the Novels of the Others, as well as the William L Crawford Memorial Fantasy Award for the Black Jewels Trilogy. Her first novel, Daughter of the Blood, was published in 1998 and is now celebrating its 21st year in print. Her most recent novel is Wild Country. Her next book is The Queen’s Bargain (Mar 2020), a story set in the Black Jewels world. When she’s not writing, Anne enjoys gardening, reading, and music … and pondering how to get her imaginary friends into more trouble.

You can find Anne here: Website | Facebook Courtyards | Facebook page


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