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Publisher pitch: Pride Publishing, Sep 2019

9 September 2019

September is all about cowboys and contemporary romance at Pride Publishing. We revisit the rodeo circuit in the latest instalment in Jon Key’s Leather and Grit series, head to Somerset and Yorkshire with Samuel King and Matthew J Metzger, and sizzle in summer classes in Logan Meredith’s latest offering.

You can find more of our titles at, where we’re also releasing box sets of some of our favourite series, so you can binge the whole series in one sitting! (Series of six or more books are split into multiple box sets.) Take a peek at our upcoming releases on the Coming Soon page and sign up to our newsletter—we’d love to see you there!

Here’s what we have releasing over the next few weeks:

10 September

The Divorce by Matthew J Metzger (Starting Over #1). Newly separated Aled is stuck in a rut, and a one-night stand seems like a good way to get unstuck. But Gabriel seems to be relationship material, if only Aled can stop looking back and reach for the happiness in front of him.

17 September

The Story of Us by Logan Meredith. Kyle is living an average life, finally pursuing his college degree at forty years old, when he collides with Lucas. Seventeen years younger, gay porn star—he’s a world away from Kyle’s status quo, but is convinced they can make it work … he just needs to convince Kyle too.

24 September

Roping in His Heart by Jon Keys (Leather and Grit #3). Dakota has his professional life on track, but his personal life is crumbling. Left with custody of his ex-wife’s son after her death, he’s forced to navigate being a parent on the rodeo circuit. Is his open relationship with Ayden strong enough survive these new challenges?

1 October

Hard Lessons by Samuel King. Jake’s new pupil isn’t a child as he expects, but rather handsome property developer Nathan. Their teacher–pupil relationship quickly turns into more, but there are mysteries in the house that tutor Jake can’t solve— is he the one about to learn a hard lesson?

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