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Release day: A Secret, a Safari, a Second Chance

1 September 2019

Today is the official release of A Secret, a Safari, a Second Chance by Liz Fielding (Destination Brides, book 4) (ebook and paperback, Harlequin). Here’s the blurb:

A luxury escape …

A chance to reveal her baby bombshell!

In this Destination Brides story, a bid at a charity auction wins Eve Bliss a dream holiday on safari! As a penniless single mom, she’d be mad not to go, but she’s not expecting Kit Merchant to be there on business. She and Kit once shared a passionate moment. Now, together in beautiful Africa, how long can she keep her four-year-old secret … Kit has a daughter!

Liz dropped by today to tell us a little about this book:

My brief, when I was invited to be part of the Destination Brides miniseries, was to take my heroine to a place where, deep in her heart, she yearned to be. With the whole world to choose from, I chose Africa. I met my husband in Zambia, so it has romantic connections for me, and we lived in Botswana and Kenya and, once it has your heart, Africa never lets go. To give myself the freedom to create my own landscape and people, I created Kabila, a modern, forward-looking country where my heroine had spent a happy childhood. She had left one September to go to boarding school in England, expecting to return. It never happened. And now, at a charity auction, she finds herself looking at her childhood home—now a luxury safari resort. A bid will be a chance to go back, find closure, say goodbye. And it’s seven hundred miles from the sea. The last place on earth Kit Merchant would ever be.

You can find out more about this book at Liz’s website or buy it from Amazon.

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