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Guest blogger: Lexi Greene

1 September 2019

Hi, my writing name is Lexi Greene. I’m a passionate reader and an indie author. Thank you for having me on the ARRA blog. I love to escape into a story, away from the precious mundane of everyday life. I say precious, because it is only after a health scare or loss that we recognise how very lucky we are when life is moving smoothly.

My love of reading started with Enid Blyton and my love of romance started with Jane Austen (because I wasn’t allowed to read ‘those’ kinds of books). Like Barbara Strickland, I count Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights among my favourite stories, along with any story written by Nora Roberts/JD Robb. I love contemporary, suspense, historical, and women’s fiction … and paranormal fiction like Twilight and JR Ward’s wonderful stories. I love to read about human relationships of all kinds.

In real life, I’m a psychologist—a paediatric neuropsychologist. My favourite part of working with children is their innate optimism, authenticity, and resilience. I like to give them a voice and help others to better understand them, hopefully improving their school and life experience.

My latest story is titled Shatterproof and it’s the first story in my Heart of Glass series. My heroine, Emily, is a ‘glass child’. Glass children are the siblings of those who use up a disproportionate amount of parental time/energy i.e., children with a disability or behavioural problem or serious illness. Glass children feel like they can’t ask for more because in comparison to their sibling they have so much, yet in truth, they are often overlooked by their poor overwhelmed parents who rely on others to help out. Emily plays a parental role with both her older sister, who has Down Syndrome, and her mother who struggled with alcohol addiction in the past, but has a recent diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. Emily’s father took off when she was nine years of age, unable to cope with her older sister’s disability or the impact it has had on his marital relationship. The story is uplifting and positive about how Emily loves, prioritises, and supports her family, but finds the courage to love and be loved by a worthy hero who truly ‘sees’ her. My stories are about authenticity and vulnerability, for being in love requires us to open our hearts and risk getting hurt.

I love hearing about how couples meet and get together. I’m a great believer in love at first sight. I met my husband at my cousin’s wedding after we were placed next to each other at a singles table. I moved my card a place or two, because I didn’t like the idea of being ‘set up’, but when I met him, I then had to manoeuvre my way back! He was a wonderful mix of biker and lawyer (and the inspiration behind my novella, The Scarlet Letter of the Law).

I would love to hear your meet stories if you’re happy to share!

I wish you many happy hours of escape into a heart-warming, heart-racing, heart-opening story that takes you on an emotional journey and leaves you just a little bereft when you turn the last page.


You can find Lexi here: Website | Facebook


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