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Feature book: Inherited for the Royal Bed

19 June 2019

Inherited for the Royal Bed by Annie West

Subgenre: contemporary romance
Release date: 1 Jul 2018
Publisher: Mills & Boon Modern
Format: ebook and print
Length: 224 pages
RRP: $5.99 (ebook); $7.99 (print)

He is the man of any woman’s dreams. And she has loved him since she was seventeen.

Sayid Badawi has just inherited the kingdom from his uncle. He plans to change things as they were done under his uncle. He wants to modernise and be more benevolent towards his people. One night he finds Lina in his room. A gift to the Emir. Except it is with the old Emir that the deal has been made. Sayid finds her with a book in her hands, a book she can’t read. He sends her overseas to attain her education. It is when she returns that he finds she is more than trouble.

Lina Rahman was sent to the old Emir to be part of his harem. Her uncle and his sons find her too much of a temptation. Lina likes the environs of the palace, but she also likes the new Emir. She struggles while getting her education as she couldn’t read or write and was bullied. Upon her return to Halarq, she works out in the community and shines in this role. This catches Sayid’s attention.

Sayid is attracted to Lina, and in a discussion, he decides that she will spend a week in his bed and the debt will be paid. Sayid believes that the week will be enough with Lina but then it gets complicated when he hears the gossip about Lina. And he orders her to marry him.

The story is about the relationship between Sayid and Lina and how it blossoms and blooms. I don’t want to give away too much, suffice to say that the reader sees how Lina grows and develops over the years, and how Sayid is side-tracked by, not just her outer beauty but also her inner beauty. A charming story.

reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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