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Feature book: The Conspiracy

8 May 2019

The Conspiracy by Kat Martin

Series: Maximum Security #1
Subgenre: romantic suspense
Release date: 22 Jan 2019
Publisher: Harlequin
Format: hardcover
Length: 432 pages
RRP: $49.99

She needs help to find her brother. He is her brother’s former friend. Then he discovers she is in danger. Can he help her what happened to her brother, and keep his hands off her?

Harper Winston is a successful businesswoman. She created an upwardly mobile company despite her father. Her father is something akin to a mobster who wheels and deals in the shadows. She has been kept in the dark by her father about what he does, and it comes as a shock to her when she discovers aspects of his business empire. Harper is close to her brother, and while her brother has had some rough times, he has found a way through. He takes a trip, and when Harper doesn’t hear from him for a few days, she wants to go and find him.

Chase Garrett is the owner of Maximum Security. He was originally in law enforcement but has branched out to create his own style of private investigation company. He was close to Harper’s brother, and had a certain longing for Harper when she was younger, something he never acted upon.

Michael, Harper’s brother, heads off on a trip the leads to him being kidnapped along with, Pia, the woman he was with. The trail leads Harper and Chase to the jungles in Columbia, South America, and as soon as it was South America I knew it would be a tense situation. Her brother is rescued but then Harper is the one in danger.

This story is a page turner. I absolutely had to find out what happened next! This story has all the lots of suspenseful moments and as a reader I did speculate as to where the story goes next. Sometimes I was correct, sometimes things happened that I wasn’t expecting. There was also one very disturbing scene in the book that takes place in the jungle between Michael and Pia that I found a little disturbing even knowing that this type of thing did happen in this particular circumstance.

reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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