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Guest blogger: MV Ellis

24 February 2019

“The first magic of love is our ignorance that it can ever end.” Benjamin Disraeli

They say we never forget our first love, but the more I examine that concept the more I wonder what it really means. Our first love for instance is probably, in most cases, our mother. It’s not romantic love, of course, but it’s love nevertheless, and is by and large enduring, and so of course, unforgettable.

Then there are the first flushes of romantic love, or what at a very tender age we recognise as love, though as adults we might better describe as infatuation. I do, indeed, still remember my first. His name was James. He had blond hair and a dimple, and a stud in his right ear—a big status point in south London in the ‘80s! We were in the same class from age two (pre-school) until ten when he moved to another town.

I can’t remember what I ‘loved’ about him, but I do remember that at the time my (I presume) unrequited feelings were very real to me. There were to be others admired similarly from afar, of course, but James will always have a special place in my heart.

My first real love wasn’t to be for another five years after James had moved on to greener pastures. This was the real deal, insta-love that moved me (and him) to my core. We dated through our teens and early twenties before amicably going our separate ways. Meeting as we did when we were in high school, we were similar to the ages of Marnie and Luke, the protagonists of my latest novel, Finding Marnie, when they first met.

However, unlike myself and my first love, though the couple recognised their feelings for each other from the get-go, they let those first flushes of young love slip through their fingers, and allow circumstances to keep them apart for too long. But true to the adage, they never forgot, nor gave up.

Finding Marnie, the highly anticipated fourth instalment of the Heartless Few series, takes us back to the rock ‘n’ roll world of the Jones brothers. Luke has preferred to live life in his twin’s shadow, but when Marnie, his life-long crush, finds herself at rock bottom, he’s desperate to save her, even if it means defying his twin, Arlo. Witness this sexy rock god finally step into the light and become the man he was meant to be, proving to both himself and Marnie that they are worth fighting for … but at what cost? Find out in Finding Marnie.

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Finding Marnie

Their love is a legacy of broken hearts and shattered dreams. Can they find each other without losing themselves?

He is everything I want but know I can never have.

Every fibre of my being has ached for Luke from the very first moment we met. However, with my parents’ legacy of toxic obsession woven into my DNA, I know love is pain and should be avoided at all costs. I’m unloved and unlovable. Still, in moments of weakness, I allow myself to imagine what it would be like if I was the kind of woman who deserved the love of a man like him.

She is hiding in plain sight, waiting for me to find her.

Marnie has had my heart from day one, and always will. It’s just a shame I couldn’t muster the words to tell her so when we first locked eyes. It’s a failing I will live to regret for years to come. However, I’m determined to make things right, even if it takes me a lifetime. I need her to know she is enough. In fact, she is more than that. She is everything.

Finding Marnie is out now.

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