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Author spotlight: Nicole Hurley-Moore

8 February 2019

We’re featuring a wide range of Australian authors participating in ARR2019 in venues across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. 

Today we’re having Elevenses with Nicole Hurley-Moore, author of 9 romances in the genres of rural romance and fantasy. She will be attending ARR2019 in Melbourne.

When did you first realise you wanted to be an author?

I was always interested in literature as a kid, but it probably wasn’t until I started working in libraries that I started thinking about writing.

Why romance and not a different genre?

I think most of the stories that resonate with you have a love element within them. Perhaps it’s not always romantic but it’s there none the less. Love is a universal truth that the majority of us can identify with. We all know what it’s like to fall in love and how powerful that can be. That aside, I’m a great fan of happily-ever-afters and romances are always full of hope.

What was the first romance you read and why did you love it?

Besides all the fairytales as a kid, the first romance I read was Katherine by Anya Seaton. I was thirteen and I still have a crush on John of Gaunt because of it.

What is the single most important characteristic for an aspiring author wanting to be a published writer?

Believe in yourself and don’t give up.

What is your favourite part of creating a story?

Wow! That’s not fair, how can I only pick one? Um… maybe plotting.

What is your best tip for fighting writer’s block/writer’s fear?

Fresh air and walking … I walk a lot. LOL.

Pick a favourite (bold your preference):

  • series or stand-alone?
  • ebook, paperback or hardcover?
  • first person or third?

Who has been an inspiration to you, in life or your writing career?

I’ve been inspired by many authors. In romance it’s the amazing Nora Roberts for both her wonderful stories and her work ethic. Jane Austen for her wit and showing us all just how sexy a well-tied cravat can be, and Baroness Orczy for giving us that damned elusive’ Scarlet Pimpernel.

Tell us about your latest release in 100 words or less

Henny Bolton’s life changed when her best friend drowned at Killop Reservoir ten years ago. She fled the town and tried to put the tragedy behind her. But the death of her mother forces Henny to return to Lawson’s Bend. While she’s there, questions about the past start to resurface and Henny begins to wonder if what happened at the reservoir was actually an accident after all.

What else will you be working on in 2019?

I have to finish my next rural, Heron’s Reef (working title). Added to that, I’m playing with an Australian historical and a dystopian story.

Please recommend an Aussie romance you read recently

I’m in the middle of writing my latest rural, which means I don’t read romances, particularly contemporary ones, while I do it. But I did really love Marry in Haste by Anne Gracie and at the moment I’m working my way through Fire and Blood by George RR Martin and Arcadia by Di Morrissey (which are both brilliant by the way).

If you haven’t booked your ticket for ARR2019 yet, you can buy one here.

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