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Favourite reads: Dec 2018

5 January 2019

Books_purpleWelcome to our favourite reads for December. Each month some of ARRA’s members will tell you a little bit about one of the books they’ve recently read and loved.

These are not full reviews of the books, just honest opinions on why they enjoyed the book so much. Hopefully one of these will strike a chord with you.

So, we asked our members to tell us about some of their favourite reads for December …

Their Christmas Miracle by Barbara Wallace (contemporary romance)

This book was an excellent festive find. I’ve always wondered what it would be like if you lost your memory (horrors!)—and what you discover about yourself and the people close to you as the memories return. It might not be all cheer and happiness, especially if things before the amnesia were a bit precarious. Precisely what happens in this book, and it happens around Christmas, always special. Thom and Rosalind had a rocky marriage road indeed, and they struggle to reconcile. The issues that were in their marriage before the incident are definitely still there. But this is also a tender romance, as both strive to become better people. Thoughtful and lovely. [Malvina, NSW]

The Mech Who Loved Me by Bec McMaster (steampunk romance) (London Steampunk: The Blue Blood Conspiracy #2)

A steampunk romance with a mech-hero and newly-made, Blue-blood (vampire) heroine. Both are solid characters, very ‘human’ with their fears and struggles, especially Kincaid who fights to overcome his ‘family curse’. I loved the interplay between Kincaid and Ava, and seeing their faults, fears and strengths. Very relatable. A multi-layered plot weaves through this story and there are threads hinted at for future stories in this series. If you like action and intrigue, revolutions and conspiracies, spies and assassins, all set in a world populated with humans, vampires, werewolves and mechs, then this series is definitely for you. [Kylie, NSW]

Breathless by Celeste Bradley and Susan Donovan (contemporary/historical romance)

On the trail of a series of 19th Century paintings of ‘The Siren’ painted by the unknown artist LA, buttoned-up art history professor Brenna and free-wheeling art hunter Fitch, join forces to discover the romantic story of a former Regency courtesan and her artist, a disgraced English officer in post Napoleonic Spain. It’s not a time slip—it’s several interwoven stories in two different time periods. A mystery, and two romances, and I enjoyed it very much. [Anne, Vic]

Hanna and the Hot Hockey Gods by Dizzy Hooper (erotic romance)

This is a so-called ‘reverse harem’ romance. Although the erotic scenes are not lacking, in either quantity or quality, the emphasis is more on the growth of the heroine. The different characters of the three men she becomes involved with are also explored, mainly in relation to how they affect her and vice versa. The title is unfortunate as it suggests a rather superficial story, when what we receive is quite a well-developed tale of learning to accept, trust and believe in one’s self. [Deb, NSW]

Diamond Fire by Ilona Andrews (Hidden Legacy #3.5) (urban fantasy)

This story was a great wrap of the relationship in the first three books, plus setting up for the next books in the series, which will feature Catalina. Catalina is the younger sister of the heroine in the first three books, so we have met her before, but hadn’t got to know her very well. In this book we get a much better idea of who Catalina is, and also learn more about her powers, how she fears them, and how she controls them. I thought she was a great character and I’m very much looking forward to the next book. [Debbie, ACT]

Christmas with the Duke by Katrina Cudmore (contemporary romance)

If you are looking for a magical, romantic second chance at love Christmas story, then this is the book to pick. It is just so very beautiful; a moving, heart-warming and very romantic must read, as the hero and heroine reunite their love that had never faded over the years. Set in an Irish castle and they do get snowed in. This is one I highly recommend. [Helen, NSW]


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