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Guest blogger: Darcy Delany

16 December 2018

The scoop on Suva

I’ll admit it—I’m a tropical junkie. I love the warmth, the sunshine, and the lifestyle.

Before I moved to Suva, I imagined myself writing with an ocean view and a cool drink with an umbrella, my creativity whizzing at an increased rate.

Fast forward two months and I have imbibed drinks with umbrellas against a perfect ocean view (as the photo attests)—but I am yet to get much writing done! I tell myself I’m doing essential research on the best places to write—after all I need good food and coffee to write at my best, right?

Here are some of the gems I’ve discovered so far, so if you are ever visiting, you’ll know the best places to try:

  1. Have coffee and cake at the Republic of Cappuccino café. The staff are friendly, the coffee is amazing and the cakes incredible. The gluten free brownie is my favourite! If you happen to be in town on the third Sunday of each month you can also enjoy the markets, where you can buy great souvenirs for family and friends. My favourite purchases include Fiji-made laptop, makeup and travel bags, so you can take a piece of the tropics with you wherever you go!
  2. Take a walk along the seawall going towards the city. That way you can stop for a cool drink and cake at the Grand Pacific Hotel bakery or bar afterwards.
  3. Love Kimbap and gluten free sweets? Try Snowy House, on Victoria Parade. Their food is mouth-watering, thanks to organic ingredients and a whole lot of love from their delightful staff.
  4. Lost something? Head to Tappoo City or MHCC Shopping Centres, where you will find chemists, department stores and even food outlets you will recognise from home such as Donut King. There is also a bookstore on the food court level, so you can stock up on some of your favourite authors for the rest of your trip.
  5. Want to explore more Fiji shopping? Head past MHCC and up towards Waimanu Road for an eclectic range of stores. This area is vibrant on Saturday mornings, as many shops are closed on Sundays. Head here for jewellery stores, shops selling local attire and just about anything else you can think of.
  6. Need lunch but not sure what you want? Dolphin Plaza is the place to go for some of the best Asian food you’ll find under FJD10. Wonder Wok is one of my favourites.
  7. Sunset drinks at the Holiday Inn or Grand Pacific Hotel. Both are right next door to each other, and have very different atmospheres. The Holiday Inn has great pizzas and plenty of gluten free offerings. Head to the Grand Pacific to soak in the grandeur of stunning architecture and delicious appetizers.
  8. Love Indian food? Maya Dhaba on Victoria Avenue is my choice. It was one of the first restaurants I visited, and one I keep looking for excuses to return to.
  9. Looking for entertainment? Check out the Fiji Arts Club Facebook page for events featuring local performers—including yours truly. The Arts Club Choir recently completed a series of Christmas concerts and a recording to be played on Fiji TV on Christmas day, one of the many ongoing events organised by this prolific creative community.

As you can see, I’ve made it my business to find the best places to eat and drink in Suva. I am still working my way through the many venues this beautiful city has to offer, and loving every minute of it.

Darcy Delany is the author of sassy tales and a coach helping people find their own brand of sass. You can find out more about Darcy at and join Darcy on her Fiji adventures via Instagram or Facebook.

  1. 17 December 2018 8:08 am

    Can you send me a ticket

    • darcydelany permalink
      14 January 2019 6:19 am

      Barbara it’s in the mail, LOL! If you are ever in Suva, do let me know!

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