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ARR2019: an update

22 November 2018

Last week we were pleased to see that the crowd-sourcing campaign to fund A Romantic Rendezvous in Perth was successful. That means that we will be holding ARR2019 events in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Sherrilyn and Celeste are looking forward to meeting readers from all over Australia, as well as getting to see some of the country.

Tickets for all four events are on now on sale. (VIP tickets for Perth have already sold out!) Prices are:

. VIP tickets (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne) – $55
. General entry (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne) – $25
. General entry (Perth) – $15

Here’s the link to book:

(Members: there is a discount for ARRA members, so be sure to check your emails for the discount code before booking.)

The VIP ticket includes a bag and a souvenir booklet. (You can collect signatures in the souvenir booklet and go in the draw for a prize bag at the end of the day.)

In Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne the signing will run from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm, with a break for lunch from 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm, when the signing room will be closed. Ahead of the signing in each of these cities there will be a members-only breakfast with Sherrilyn and Celeste as guest speakers.

In Perth the signing will be from 1.30 pm to 5.00 pm. Ahead of that there will be a members-only lunch with Sherrilyn and Celeste as guest speakers.

Tickets for the members-only events will go on sale in January.

If you have already bought your ticket, don’t forget to join us in the Facebook Group for attendees.

Below are updated lists of the authors signing at each event.


  • Alyssa J Montgomery/Alyssa James
  • Anne Gracie
  • Beth Prentice
  • Caitlyn Lynch/Catherine Bilson
  • Celeste Bradley
  • Charlotte Nash
  • Diane Demetre
  • Elizabeth Ellen Carter
  • Emma James
  • Fiona McArthur
  • Helene Young
  • Jennie Kew
  • JM Adele
  • Kathryn Celeste
  • Kendall Talbot/Kitty Kendall
  • Khloe Wren
  • Larna Kleinschmidt
  • Leesa Bow
  • Louise Forster
  • Megan Lowe
  • Melanie Page
  • Noelle Clark
  • R Linda
  • Sarah Williams
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • Susan Horsnell
  • Susanne Bellamy
  • Suzi Love
  • Tania Joyce
  • TM Clark
  • Tracey Pedersen


  • Alyssa J Montgomery/Alyssa James
  • Amanda Knight
  • Ann B Harrison
  • Ash Hosking
  • Avril Tremayne
  • Bronwyn Parry
  • Catherine Evans/Cate Ellink
  • Cathleen Ross
  • Cathryn Hein
  • Celeste Bradley
  • Dani Kristoff/Donna Maree Hanson
  • Ebony Olson
  • Emilia Finn
  • Jasmina Siderovski
  • Jessica Gleave
  • JO Mantel
  • Jodi Perry/JL Perry
  • Kandy Shepherd
  • Karen Deen
  • Kelly Hunter
  • Khloe Wren
  • Laura Boon
  • Lee Christine
  • Lexxie Couper
  • Maddison Michaels
  • Maggie Nash
  • Michelle Montebello
  • Monique McDonell
  • MV Ellis
  • Penelope Janu
  • Renee Dahlia
  • SE Gilchrist
  • Shandi Boyes
  • Shannon Curtis
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • Tea Cooper


  • Alyssa J Montgomery/Alyssa James
  • Bec McMaster
  • Celeste Bradley
  • Charlotte Nash
  • Fiona Miers/Tamsin Baker
  • Jennie Kew
  • JO Mantel
  • Keri Arthur
  • Lilliana Anderson
  • Lilliana Rose
  • Lisa Edward
  • Megan Lowe
  • Megan Mayfair
  • Michelle Somers
  • MJ Scott/Emma Douglas/Melanie Scott
  • ML Tompsett
  • Nalini Singh
  • Nicola Marsh
  • Nicole Hurley-Moore
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • Tracey Pedersen


  • Celeste Bradley
  • Claire Boston
  • Jennie Jones
  • JO Mantel
  • Juanita Kees
  • Laura N Andrews
  • Leah Ashton
  • Lily Malone
  • Michelle Dennis
  • Rachael Johns
  • Renae Kaye
  • Sasha Wasley
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • Shona Husk
  • Susanna Rogers
  • Tee Smith

[Listed updated 14 Feb 2019]

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