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Guest blogger: Wren St Claire

14 October 2018

Romancing the blockchain, or books the old-fashioned way …

As a reader do you yearn for books the old-fashioned way? Do still like to read print books over ebooks, do you wish you could own your ebooks and share them with friends and family, or even sell them once you’ve read them? Are you frustrated with the postage cost for print books and the lack of availability of print books of your favourite authors in Australia through Amazon? Are you irritated with the flood of poor-quality ebooks available and frustrated with trying to find books and new authors that you want to read amongst the avalanche? Do you wish there was an alternative?

As a reader you may not have heard of the blockchain, but you have probably heard of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. You may not have heard of either. If you haven’t you’re about to.

Publica has brought the blockchain to publishing. In simple terms, blockchain technology is the platform invented to manage and deliver crypto-currency. It has a number of characteristics that make it a very attractive platform to manage business transactions. Here are a few of them:

  • direct payment transactions, no intermediary (like a bank) required
  • instant recognition of payments for all parties
  • highly secure
  • ability to bake the transaction rules into a contract that goes with the exchange.

As a platform to manage publishing transactions it’s even more attractive. On Publica as a reader you can:

  • Purchase and own an ebook. Unlike on Amazon and other ebook marketplaces like Apple, Kobo and Nook, where you only lease the ebook, on Publica, because of the blockchain technology, you own the book.
  • Because you own the book you can in turn share it or sell it.
  • Because the blockchain can set up contracts to determine what can and can’t be done with the ebook, you can potentially convert your ebook into a print book.
  • Support your favourite author to publish their next book through a crowd-funding option that gives you access to special content and pricing and ownership of a special limited edition version of the book.

While crypto-currencies and blockchain technology are currently only used by a small sector of the community, Publica is working on a method of streamlining the purchasing of books with crypto-currency so that it will be easy for readers to purchase and for authors to get paid. One of the attractive parts of the Publica proposition for authors is that they will get paid instantly and get to keep 90% of the purchase price of the book, unlike with other platforms where they get to keep 70% of net in the best deals and much less in others. So as a reader, if you want to support your favourite authors, purchasing their books through Publica could be a good way to do it.

It is early days for Publica at this time, but this technology promises to be the way of the future, one that eliminates the need for an intermediary (like a bank or an aggregator like Amazon) and enable buyers and sellers, readers and authors to transact directly. This highly secure direct transaction capability is set to disrupt all sectors of business, including publishing. Watch this space for more information and how Publica can bring you more high-quality books at cheaper prices and with benefits you can’t currently get through existing platforms.

For more information on Publica visit

Wren St Claire is an Australian romance author who lives in Brisbane. You can find her here: Website | Facebook

Proof of God

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  1. 14 October 2018 4:13 pm

    Wow, great post, I’m hearing a lot about this block chain thing. Thanks for helping me to understand it. This all sounds good for authors.

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