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Feature book: Nothing to Fear

12 September 2018

Nothing to Fear by Claire Boston

Series: Blackbridge #1
Subgenre: romantic suspense
Release date: 18 Nov 2017
Publisher: self-published
Format: paperback / ebook
Length: 343 pages
RRP: A$21.99 / A$3.99

[This story contains words that may trigger memories.]

Her fears are becoming larger by the day.

Hannah Novak is trying to find peace. She has returned to her home town, and is running the caravan park her grandparents own. She is making improvements as she goes so that the park will be well patronised. Hannah has her best friend, Joe the dog, with her at all times. One day she starts to receive gifts. These gifts start with a partridge in a pear tree, the items from the Christmas carol.

At first Hannah thinks it’s sweet until the gifts turn sinister and she finds that she needs to leave the park and stay with friends so that the stalker can be caught.

Ryan Kilpatrick is returning home. It is the place that he feels most at home, and it is thousands of miles from his ex-wife. Ryan has brought his son with him so that he can live a more secure life. Ryan is now in the position that he has to investigate Hannah’s stalker, but he also has to fight his attraction to her. As the days go on, and the gifts are becoming more sinister, Hannah fears it is the one person she fears most—her rapist.

The police think he is the stalker, but then they find this is not the case and the race is on to find who is behind the gifts and threats.

Hannah has tried to live her life and get over her fears, and once she is able to face her rapist, she finds a peace she never expected. And she has Ryan by her side. Together Ryan and Hannah are able to find their HEA.

This is a small town story and is about the memories of the town and the comfort that brings to two people who have longed to find some inner peace from the things, or people, that trouble them. It was a smooth read and it wasn’t until later in the book that the stalker is revealed (and it is not who they think). I am looking forward to more in the series—yes there is a group of friends involved.

reviewed by Heather


A review copy of this book were provided by the author.

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