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A Romantic Rendezvous with Bella Andre: wrap-up

6 September 2018

Bella Andre event wrap up

On 24 July in Sydney a group of members and guests enjoyed drinks, great finger food and two wonderful hours with the super-successful romance author, Bella Andre.

Bella was in Sydney for a short time and spent the evening regaling those of us lucky enough to attend with stories about her early writing days, her leap into self-publishing and what’s coming next.

A very open person, Bella was generous with her anecdotes and gave us a real view into the publishing phenomenon who writes as both Lucy Kevin (sweet romances) and Bella Andre (a little spicier but no less romantic).

I was lucky enough to be the moderator of the session and we had no trouble filling up the two hours, which seemed to fly by so very quickly. It was great to hear the questions and the compliments (love, actually) flying from the audience to Bella.

We got to hear about Bella’s early traditional publishing days and why she left and how she decided to back herself and go the self-publishing route. She told us how, having written more erotic stories originally, she realised that her voice needed to change for the next series to be successful.

The sales for the first outing were pretty darned good, compared to her traditional publishing experience. It was the next one—which sold extremely well—that really cemented for Bella that her decision was the right one.

The rest, as they say, is history. Seven million books and counting!

So far there have been three Sullivans series (and more in the pipeline—aka Bella’s head; hooray!) which are so romantic that readers swoon and eagerly hang out for the next one.

Her books as Lucy Kevin are sweet and romantic and the heat level is mild. I enjoy both of her ‘voices’.

There are also the single books as well. Lots of reading to catch up on if you’re behind.

When I asked Bella about whether she used the different series to refresh and re-energise herself, I was charmed to hear her answer that she still found writing energising and that ‘magic happens’.

How marvellous to hear an author think that what they do is magic and be so open about her writing, her life and what’s coming up for her fans next.

If you want to learn more about Bella (go on, you know you want to) visit her website here.

Thank you to ARRA for managing to secure Bella for the evening when she was only in Australia for a short time visiting family and Uluru before heading over to the NZ Romance Writers Conference.

We had a ball!

Sharon Sherry

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  1. 6 September 2018 7:25 pm

    Thank you ARRA for organizing this fabulous event Belle is so lovely 💜

    Have Fun


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