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Feature book: Beyond Control

5 September 2018

Beyond Control by Kat Martin

Series: Texas Trilogy #3
Subgenre: romantic suspense
Release date: 29 May 2018
Publisher: Zebra
Format: paperback / ebook
Length: 368 pages
RRP: A$14.99 / A$9.56

[This story contains words and events that may trigger memories.]

Damon Bridger is on the hunt. He wants what he wants.

Victoria Bradford, or Tory Ford as she now calls herself, is trying to escape Damon’s clutches. He beat her so badly that she ended up in hospital for two months. The relationship started ideally but then he became more and more possessive. When she leaves, he relentlessly searches for her to get her back. They were engaged, so she is his. He is more than prepared to break the law. Damon prepares a cabin in the mountains so he can have his pleasure with her. His mind has become so focused on her, he feels energised with his plans and desire for Tory. He is prepared to go to any lengths including computer hacking and murder to have her.

Tory turns up at Josh’s ranch looking to hide and for work so she can support her and her daughter, Ivy. Josh isn’t convinced she is able to complete the tasks and agrees to give her a trial. As he finds he is attracted to her and this makes it difficult for him to let her go. He eventually finds a job on the ranch for her. Tory finds a sense of security being with Josh but she is still wary of men. When her friend goes missing, (and Damon is responsible), Tory breaks cover with Josh’s support and Damon tracks her.

As it turns out, Joshua Cain is ex-military. And is an extremely accurate sniper. One of the best. He has settled on the ranch as he wants the space and to build something that is his. Josh’s brother is the very wealthy Lincoln Cain, a man who has lots of ‘toys’ (like jets) at his disposal and wants to help Josh whenever he can.

This story is a page turner. I wanted to keep reading until I finished. The suspense was tremendous as there is a race against time to find Damon before he finds Tory. Josh also has problems, and two of his friends are murdered, and we have to wonder if the two are connected. The story takes two streams and then come together at the end. Josh and Tory find their HEA.

Reviewed by Heather

A review copy of this book was provided by the author.

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