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Feature book: A Case for Trust

11 July 2018

A Case for Trust by Gracie MacGregor

Subgenre: Contemporary romance
Release date: 25 Mar 2016
Publisher: Escape Publishing
Format: ebook
Length: 184 pages
RRP: A$3.99

A definite case of blaming someone innocent because your brother can’t keep his zipper done up is how this tale starts, at a wedding. The Big Bad Brother figure has come to warn off the woman he believes responsible for his brother’s broken engagement—while she is performing a wedding for another couple!

The wedding celebrant, Phillipa, is actually a warm and wonderfully kind person trying to help said brother. Big brother, though, has automatically decided that Phillipa is a scheming bitch and sets out to ruin her.

The brother with the roving eye is actually a decent bloke who is hanging around Phillipa (who is also a trained psychologist but not practising) so that he can sort himself out. He also likes her though he is not hitting on her.

I loved the heroine but couldn’t like the hero and his machinations or reasoning. That type of bloody-mindedness in a man doesn’t appeal to me personally but he sure was an alpha. I liked that he wanted to protect his brother as a big brother should, just not the way he did it. He did eventually come around to realising he had been a complete and utter (as reader, insert whichever word suits for this type of man!) but not before he had pretty much ruined her life, reputation and lost her home due to his actions.

Then Matt realises he is so so so wrong, and goes all out to redeem himself but until he works out what he has to do to set it all back to rights, it’s his family that support Phillipa. His family are really rather nice and there’s the deep dark secret only he and his mother know to add a twist to the story.

There are some very black moments, some light-hearted ones and some sad ones too. It all ends well and even the brother with the roving eye has an epiphany about the woman who wouldn’t marry him in the beginning. Paige and Matt give each other their hearts and Paige gives Matt a few chances to prove himself a good man. Their ending is quite a sweet one for all the angst that has gone before.

Reviewed by Sharon

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.

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